Setting Network Marketing Goals is Easy…Achieving them is different

Setting Network Marketing Goals is Easy…Achieving them is different

How many of us have set goals? Did you set New Year’s Goals? Have you kept them? Setting Network Marketing goals is easy…achieving them is a different story. I think setting goals is fun. However, having a goal is not motivation. A goal is just a target or direction for our efforts. Do you know consultants who do this?

They do research, buy books, spend countless hours developing and creating goals. They purchase organizers and planners to prioritize goals. Dream Board…I love the idea…how many of you have them? They spend time cutting out pics to put on their dream board. I love these ideas, we all need to have goals and dreams, however we don’t consider these things to be income producing activities. John and I prefer to focus our time and energy on actions that produce residual income.

Setting Network Marketing Goals is Easy

Goals versus Income Producing Activities

There are consultants who start out on fire and set their goals but get too focused on the goal setting instead of focusing on the activities that produce the income. Don’t get us wrong. Goals definitely have a place in our Plunder Design Jewelry business. Too often, consultants work really hard and appear or feel like they are busy, but never achieve network marketing success. Why? Because they are doing the wrong activities,

Here are a few examples of activities that we may consider “busy work”

  • Re-reading the policies and procedures for the 10th time
  • Re-organizing your organizers/presentation books
  • Writing detailed info about your compensation plan
  • Chatting with unmotivated prospects
  • Organizing / rearranging your products
  • Updating your dream board monthly

Setting Network Marketing Goals

These activities are nice, but they will not help us reach our goal of building a large and successful network marketing business. Completing activities is a good thing.  But we prefer to focus on the activities that will help grow our business!

Here are some small steps that will help you achieve your network marketing goals.

The first step is obvious choose a goal that will help you grow your network marketing business. Make the first goal an easy one to achieve, as this will build confidence and help attain your more difficult goals. Choose a goal that you can control. An example of this would be…I want to sponsor 3 consultants this month. We can’t control when and if people will join us. However, we can control the goal of talking  to 20 prospects this month. This is where we make it a challenge to “GO for NO” and see how many people we can talk to each month. Ultimately, each no brings us that much closer to the YES we are looking for.

Second, we suggest picking a penalty that is emotional. Reward motivation is nice, but we feel having to pay a penalty for not achieving our goal is a little more motivational. Sometimes the risk of loosing is greater than the desire to gain. For example, we are extremely motivated to obey the speed limit to avoid paying an expensive speeding ticket. However, we won’t spend extra time this week to look for new prospects, even though that extra time could earn us hundreds or thousands of extra dollars down the road.

Last and certainly not least, share your goals with someone that will help hold you accountable. We could easily keep our goals to ourselves, just incase we decided they were too hard. Then, no one would know that we quit and gave up on our goals.

We are challenging you to set you to set your goals and start working on income producing activities! Please share your goals in the comments. We can’t wait to see all of your success!!!


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