Plunder Design Blinging Divas February 2017 Monthly Update

Plunder Design Blinging Divas February 2017 Monthly Update

Plunder Design Blinging Divas February 2017 Monthly Update

February was yet another AMAZING month for The Plunder Design Blinging Divas Team!!! The ladies on our team busted their tails in February and beat January’s Sales Numbers and we thought January was INCREDIBLE!! They are dedicated and devoted to their business and we all work together to meet our goals!! We thought February might come up a little short because the month was 3 days shorter than the previous month but we beat the odds!! Congratulations to all of my Plunder Sisters who set their goals and achieved them in a short month!!!

Here is what we as a Team Accomplished!!

Total Monthly Retail Sales- 1,230,229
Daily Average Sales- 43,937
Retail Sales on Last Day Alone were an astounding- 141,965
Our Amazing Company and CEO gave us an AMAZING Blanket Promotion as well as announcing our new 2×2 to grow plan mid month and the Blinging Divas took full advantage!!!

Daily Stylist Added Average- 14 per day
Total Stylist Added For The Month- 387
Which Brings Our Total Stylist Count to 6,108

Here is our RECRUITING INCENTIVE WINNER for the Month of February

Colleen Spears

We would like to give a shout out to this lovely lady for working her business consistently and taking advantage of this amazing opportunity to build her team and to help change other womens lives with this AMAZING opportunity with Plunder Design! We wanted to offer an extra incentive ourselves to reward one of our Plunder Sisters for a job well done. Each time anyone on our team added a new stylist to their team, their name went into a drawing to win these ADORABLE Super Comfy Tieks.

Plunder Design Blinging Divas February 2017 Monthly Update

Colleen sponsored 5 new stylist last month!! She joined and hit the ground running and is such an incredible leader! I know her new stylist are going to be blessed to work with her!!!

Here is the SALES INCENTIVE WINNER for February

Julie Bagley

Julie did an amazing job and killed it in January! She did 2,030 in personal retail sales…pretty AWESOME huh???

Julie won this Tory Burch Purse

Plunder Design Blinging Divas February 2017 Monthly Update

We just wanted to take a moment and recognize ALL of these Incredible ladies that put so much time and effort into their business! We truly appreciate each and every one of you ALL and all that you do for the team!! You are an AMAZING group of women that keep us going strong!! We can’t wait to see what March holds for us all!!!


Julie and John

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