JBloom’s June Bloom Box: The Ultimate Subscription for Fashion Enthusiasts

June's Bloom Box

JBloom’s June Bloom Box

Are you ready to elevate your style this summer? JBloom’s Bloom Box is here to help you shine! This month, we’ve curated three stunning pieces that are right on-trend. Discover the fabulous finds in the June Bloom Box and learn how you can incorporate these must-have items into your everyday look.

Unlock the Magic of JBloom’s Bloom Box

Flat Textured Pearls: The Cool Beachy Vibe

The first piece in our June Bloom Box features flat, textured pearls that exude a cool beachy vibe. Pearls are timeless, but this unique texture adds a modern twist, making them perfect for summer. Pair these pearls with the latest layered chains for an effortlessly chic look that screams sophistication and style.


Hammered Gold Cuff: A Game-Changer for Your Bracelet Stack In June’s Bloom Box

Next up in June’s Bloom Box is the hammered gold cuff, a true game-changer for your bracelet stack. This piece adds a touch of edginess to your accessories. Style it with your go-to bracelets to create an edgy twist that’s both bold and beautiful. The cuff’s hammered texture gives it a unique look that stands out in any stack.


Delicate Filigree Flowers with Pearl Dangles: Sophistication and Charm

Last but not least, in this month’s Bloom Box is the delicate filigree flowers with pearl dangles bring a touch of sophistication and charm to any outfit. These earrings are perfect for adding that final, elegant touch to your ensemble. The filigree design is intricate and feminine, while the pearl dangles add a timeless element of grace.

Filigree Earrings

Discover the Permalinx Line of Permanent Jewelry

While you’re exploring JBloom, don’t miss our Permalinx line of permanent jewelry. These pieces are designed to be worn every day, offering durability and elegance. Whether you’re looking for a new bracelet, necklace, or anklet, the Permalinx line has something for everyone.


Why JBloom is the Perfect Side Hustle


Get paid weekly and earn 30-40% commission on everything you sell! Whether you’re looking for extra income to put towards your kids’ sports, saving for a new refrigerator, trying to pay off your car, or just wanting extra money for a weekly shopping spree, we know the difference your JBloom paycheck can make. That’s why we prioritize weekly paychecks via direct deposit!


Earn getaways because we believe ‘work’ should be fun and rewarding! Hit milestones in your business and earn all-expense-paid trips and more. You can earn paid flights, hotel rooms, and even bring a guest for FREE. Join us for our next Rewards Trip!


Make memories with a sisterhood like no other. As you start your JBloom journey, you’ll have a team of women building you up and helping you bloom! Your business is an amazing way to get into your community and create connections and relationships with other women like you.

Give Back

We offer a special Hope Necklace, and with each necklace sold, JBloom donates $10 to Basket of Hope. You also have the power to use your business to help people in your community, give back, lift women up, and do good in any way you can!


Work from anywhere with Permalinx! With JBloom, you have the ability to work anywhere more than ever before. Linx your friends, moms at the ballpark, on vacation, or wherever life takes you! Your tools are small, your chains are compact, and you can fit everything you need for on-the-go in a small bag or wallet!

Join the JBloom Community Today And Start Sharing The Bloom Box

Ready to elevate your style and discover the perks of being a JBloom stylist? Click on the links to purchase the “Bloom Box” and explore our entire collection. Whether you’re interested in the latest trends or looking for a new business opportunity, JBloom has something for you.

Explore More Than Bloom Box

Don’t miss out on these stunning pieces and the chance to join a vibrant community. Click here to purchase the June Bloom Box and explore our full range of products.

By following these tips and incorporating the Bloom Box into your style, you’ll be ready to take on the summer with confidence and elegance. Don’t forget to check out our Permalinx line and consider joining the JBloom community for an exciting and rewarding experience. Happy styling!

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