How does Plunder Design Compensation Plan pay the most?

How does Plunder Design Compensation Plan pay the most?Plunder Design Compensation Plan
 How does Plunder Design Compensation pay the most. The secret to success in Network Marketing is to focus on building leader and to help make them successful. With Plunder you can treat it as a job or a business. I started out by treating it like a job, I wanted to keep all of the sales for myself so I went out and did parties, events, etc. I quickly had a light bulb moment and realized the way to make the most residual income, with the Plunder Design Compensation Plan, was to treat it like the business it was designed to be. Once I realized the fastest way to turn this into a business was by sponsoring and coaching strong leaders, my business exploded!

Why are Leaders so important?

The fastest way to build a large organization is with the help of leaders. You can’t build a large organization with distributors only. Our time is limited. You can only help so many distributors at one time. Even the best distributors need guidance and support. The way to multiply our efforts is to create leaders who can take care of their own team. Duplicating ourselves by creating new leaders is the only way to build a large, massive organization. I believe the best way is to keep it simple. When we focus on leaders, it changes how we build our business. What is the secret to success in Network Marketing? The best answer I can give you, is all you have to do is build leaders and help make them successful. In other words, do you want a job or a business that produces a residual income? A job means you must be out selling to get paid. A business you get paid off of what you and your organization sell.

Some Network Marketers build leaders. Other Network Marketers are just busy. This explains why some Network Marketers can work for a few years and retire from their business. These Network Marketers focused all of their activity on building leaders. The other Network Marketers? The ones that were just busy? Well, they’re still busy. If this doesn’t help convince you that leaders are important. Well, I don’t know what else will.

Plunder Design Compensation Plan

What traits should you look for in a leader?

A leader is someone who is a student of the business/ Network Marketing. By this I mean, everyone reading this post would be a leader. Someone who is always looking for new ideas and new information about the business. Leaders listen to audio trainings, read books, go to meetings and, whenever they can, they attend company conventions. Leaders are the ones hanging around with other active leaders hoping to pick up some good ideas about the business. This makes it easy to spot leaders. You can go to any training, meeting, convention, or as we call it in Plunder…Mother Palooza. You will see the seats full of leaders. Leaders want to learn. Another trait I look for in a leader is a little harder to explain but easy to observe. This person is looking for and willing to take the opportunity to step up and take on a leadership role. This trait you can spot in someone that works their business without your constant motivation. This is someone you don’t have to worry about. And last, but not certainly not least, a leader is someone who confronts and handles problems.

Leadership Pays Tremendously

As you can see, the better leader you become, the larger your commission is. It pays to help others grow into successful leaders! If  you have questions about the Plunder Design Compensation, contact me at or get in touch with the stylist that shared this with you!

Plunder Design Compensation PlanHere are a few books on leadership that helped us as we grew our business. John and I have been extremely blessed and are happy to help anyone achieve success with Plunder Design.



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