Hi, I’m Julie

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The LaForte Family

My name is Julie LaForte and I am a wife to a wonderful husband, a mother to a beautiful daughter, Halle. Family has always been important to me. Once I became a mother, all I wanted was to be involved. I didn’t want to be shackled by the corporate life, scheduling my family around my work. I wanted to schedule work around my family.

That opportunity came unexpectedly. I heard about Plunder on Facebook. I thought the jewelry was cute, trendy, and affordable and was just looking to make some extra money for a family vacation.

That goal soon shifted once I realized what an amazing opportunity Plunder was. I made it my career, and I am so thankful I did. Plunder has enabled me to reach dreams I never thought possible. That extra vacation money turned into a vacation home. My husband was able to retire early, and I am in total control of my time. I have always dreamed of my family being able to live life on our terms…and now we do just that!

I make it my mission to share my story with everyone I meet! You never know who needs this chance to change their life.

Julie LaForte Plunder Design Jewelry


  • 30 Day Goal
  • 60 Day Goal
  • 90 Day Goal
  • Moxie Bonus $100
  • Stellar Bonus $250
  • One Star Peep Leader Bonus $1,000
  • Two Star Peep Leader Bonus $2,000
  • Three Star Peep Leader Bonus $5,000
  • Four Star Peep Leader Bonus $10,000
  • 2016 Leadership Retreat
  • 2016 Diva Board Member
  • 2017 Caribbean Plunder the Sea Incentive Winner
  • Developed 4 Frontline 4 Star Rank Leaders
  • Achieved the 2×2 Moxie Recruit and Grow your team Challenge
  • Earned Lunch with Louis September 2018
  • 2019 Plunder in Paradise – 7 Day Cruise Incentive Winner
  • The $1000 Club
  • Top Ten Recruiters. I was top 4 in the company!
  • $3 Million Dollar Earner

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