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Are you ready to take control of your time and money? Discover the exciting opportunity to become a Plunder Stylist and unlock a rewarding career in the world of fashion and entrepreneurship.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve dreamed of living life on your own terms. Free from the restrictions of traditional employment. Taking control of my financial future, and time, was something I wanted even MORE after I had my beautiful daughter. Once I became a mom, the idea of putting in 40 hours a week felt like a heavy weight I didn’t want to carry around. I am so thankful I found Plunder Design. Not only was I able to make my own schedule and spend as much time with my daughter as I wanted…my husband was able to quit his job! Our family is living the good life, and it’s all because I answered the door when opportunity came knocking…YOU CAN TOO! 

Become a Plunder Design Stylist Benefits
Become a Plunder Design Stylist Your Choice

Sign up as a Stylist and get everything you need to get started for $99! Including jewelry!
PLUS…The Plunder Design Compensation Plan just “leveled up”! Stylists can now earn up to 40% commission WITHOUT BUILDING A TEAM! This is not only an awesome opportunity for any lady who wants to take control of her time and money, but it’s also great for boutiques and influencers as well!

Your Opportunity…Your Way! Become a Stylist

  • Sell a product line that’s easy to show, unmatched in quality, and in high demand!
  • Join an amazing sisterhood! 
  • We have a fabulous Hostess Rewards Program that’s very generous. We make it easy for ladies to say… Yes! I want to book a party!
  • Our Compensation Plan is very lucrative and easy to understand. Whether you want to supplement your income, replace your income, or build an income others only dream about…you can!
  • Earn cash bonuses 
  • Earn all-expense-paid trips 
  • No monthly minimums or required inventory!

Pick from 4 Starter Kits, each packed full of more than $300 of Plunder Design business materials, marketing tools, and JEWELRY!

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Become a Plunder Design Stylist Boutique Owners

If you are a boutique owner I want to share this exciting information! Plunder has made some BIG Changes. We have made it so easy for boutiques to come in and get jewelry at a reasonable price, all while making great commissions off of it. I thought about you and our initial necklaces. I know most wholesalers make you get package deals. And a lot of time you end up with more initials than you need. The best part about Plunder and our ordering, you can order whichever letters you want. I would love to talk more to you about this, if you are interested.

Become a Plunder Design Stylist Team

If you’re ready to become a stylist, or have any questions, feel free to email me at 30AJulie@gmail.com!

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