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julie laforte plunder design jewelryAre You Ready?

Whether you want to take full control of your financial future or just earn some extra cash, Plunder sets itself apart by offering perks other companies don’t!

  • Get everything you need to begin in your starter kit for only $49
  • No monthly minimums sales/sales quotas
  • Support, training, and guidance from a team of amazing women
  • Work from anywhere
  • Earn cash bonuses and incentives
  • High quality, affordable product that is in demand

What “Sold” Me

When I was looking for opportunities to earn extra cash, Plunder stuck out. Why? Number one, I loved the jewelry. Plunder takes the time to choose product designs that fit today’s trends but are also unique. Once I got my hands on the first few pieces, I was amazed by the quality as well.

Second, the compensation of course! The fact that I didn’t have to adhere to monthly minimums or sales quotas meant I could have FULL control over my time and my money. Plus, the compensation plan was so easy to understand, with no hidden terms.

Third, the sisterhood. It surprised me how encouraging and supportive the women are who are involved in Plunder. One’s success is celebrated by all, and there is no shortage of advice, inspiration, or motivation.

Last, the start-up cost. Starting a business for only $99 is insane! And the $99 isn’t just a fee to “join”. You get jewelry, business tools, and even marketing materials!

How do you know if Plunder is for you?

Plunder design incentivesIf….

  • You want to be your own boss, manage your own time, and work from anywhere
  • You are motivated and ready to reach for the stars
  • You thrive in environments rich with encouragement and teamwork
  • You love jewelry
  • Then YES…this opportunity is for YOU

What are your next steps?

  • Decide what your goals are. Extra cash or fulltime career?
  • Take a look at Plunder Design Jewelry. It pretty much sells itself!
  • Contact me with any questions!

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