Prospecting in Network Marketing? Never Give Up!

Prospecting in Network Marketing? Never Give Up!!!

Prospecting in Network Marketing

No one likes hearing the word No, but you can really learn to love the word “no”, even when you are dying to get a yes for your Network Marketing business. What we have to train ourselves to understand, is each time we hear the word no it takes us one step closer to “yes”. We should treat “no” as just a detour that helps us hone our skills for the future. The secret is you can’t take the no personal.


Persistence is the key to success. Network Marketing is a numbers game. You have to be willing to work thru the numbers in order to be successful. To recruit one person you may have to talk to 10,20,30…why stop there talk to a million people. You are going to hear the word no. The more people you share the opportunity with the better your chance of success. You have to believe in yourself. Be consistent, Be persistent, Give it time and Be Patient…it will happen. Don’t be addicted to the outcome. Just because they say no the first time doesn’t mean they will always say no. Do you always say yes the first time you are presented with an opportunity? The timing has to be right for them. A no today could be a yes tomorrow. You need to always be consistent in your business. Wake up every morning ready to work it like a business.

Prospecting in Network Marketing


What if it took you 4 years to become a millionaire? Is that too long? What if it took you 2 years to make 10,000 a month in residual income? Are you willing to be patient? You can work your corporate “job” for 40 years and never become a millionaire. The earning potential in Network Marketing is unlimited. You have to be proactive and willing to give it time. All you need to do is share…don’t worry about yes or no, in time it will pay off. We like to turn it into a game and see how many “no’s” we can get. We find it easier to hear the rejection when we try to see how many we can get. You have to believe in yourself and act like a top earner in your company.

Prospecting in Network Marketing

Who is a Prospect?

Everyone is a prospect. You always need to be prospecting….you will never run out of people. Keep your eyes open, everyone around you could be a potential business partner. This doesn’t mean Network Marketing is for everyone, however you don’t want to pre-judge and rule anyone out. You don’t have to be pushy, strive to be someone that others are drawn to. Network Marketing is about building relationships.

Here are a few ways you can prospect

  • Parties- circle of influence. Parties are a great way to meet friends of the friends at the party.
  • Build Relationships-compassion. People need to know you genuinely care.
  • Social Media- share don’t sell.
  • Investing in you-personal development.
  • Contests/Giveaways-engage. Make it FUN!
  • List Building- always be adding to your list.

Prospecting Check-List

  • Business cards- don’t leave home without them.
  • Tools- catalogs, business opportunity brochures, products
  • Goals written- start small and have attainable goals, short-term, mid-term and long term goals.
  • List

The way to become a millionaire is to focus on your small goals first. If you are consistently hitting your 30 day goal what would your business look like?

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