The November 2022 Plunder Posse Jewelry!

Have you heard of Plunder Posse Jewelry Subscription? I think most women will agree…Monthly boxes are fun, and even better when they are also fashionable.

I love sharing Plunder Design’s monthly subscription box, Plunder Posse, with anyone who enjoys jewelry and/or fashion. Every month, for just $29, Plunder Posse sends exclusive jewelry straight to its members’ doors. That price INCLUDES TAX AND SHIPPING! Plus, you can earn perks to use towards even MORE jewelry.

Subscription box

Jewelry Exclusive to Psse Members

Like I said, we offer this jewelry EXCLUSIVELY to Posse members; you won’t find it in our regular catalogue. This is awesome for those of us who want to hear “OMG where did you get that?” on a regular basis.

If you’re just starting to style your look, Plunder Posse Jewelry offers a great way to “get your feet wet.” Plunder jewelry is always easy to pair and trending. You can also find extra outfit inspiration and other jewelry pairings every month, for every set, on my Facebook VIP Group.

Plunder Posse November 2022 Julie LaForte

You can find this beautiful top here >

Plunder Posse November 2022
 Hallie LaForte

Plaid Top can be found here >

This month’s set is one of my favorites so far! Female artisans in India made our first posse. These ladies hand-wrapped and handcrafted each bead!

November 2022 Necklace and Earrings

I love that we are adding artisan pieces to our Plunder Posse Jewelry lineup and supporting these women! Because artisans hand-wrap and craft each piece, each bead will vary. Posse will be one-of-a-kind. The colors are beautiful and will dress up so many tops in your wardrobe!

Plunder  November 2022

Earrings: Beautiful multi-colored fabric-covered beads adorned with matte gold bead accents on a delicate gold hoop.

Necklace: Stunning multi-colored fabric-covered beaded necklace.

If you are ready to add the November 2022 Plunder Posse to your jewelry box and join the most fashionable Posse around, click here!

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