Plunder Luxe Linx: Elevate Your Style with Stunning Permanent Jewelry

I am SO excited to announce a brand NEW opportunity for Plunder Design Stylists AND their customers…

Plunder Design has JUST released their own line of permanent jewelry called Luxe Linx!

Plunder Luxe Linx Permanent Jewelry

If you have never heard of permanent jewelry, you will soon! This trend is HOT and will be sticking around.

Permanent Jewelry

Permanent jewelry is jewelry that is welded on, so it stays on as long as you want it to. Also known as “forever jewelry” these lovely links are a great way to make sure you are never without some bling. They also make great gifts for those special people you want to be “forever linked” to. Think mother/daughter, “gifts for her”, matching best friend bracelets, etc.

Plunder Luxe Linx Bracelets
Plunder Luxe Linx Permanent Jewelry

The most popular option for permanent jewelry is in bracelet form, but Plunder Luxe Linx pieces come in anklet or necklace form as well!

We make all Plunder Luxe Linx with a stainless steel base, and plate the gold chains with 14k gold. We guarantee that the chains will retain their plating color for at least 12 months!

Plunder Design has sourced the best welding equipment AND a huge selection of high-quality chains and charms for stylists and their customers.

Plunder Luxe Linx Welding
Plunder Luxe Linx Ring

Plunder Design is ALWAYS looking for new ways to help stylists grow their business, and this opportunity is just that! As a Plunder Design Stylist, you have the chance to provide Plunder Luxe Linx to your customers at a fraction of the price of other permanent jewelry on the market!

And the best part is…NEW Plunder Design Stylists are welcome to take advantage of this opportunity too! So, if you’re not a Plunder Design Stylist yet, no worries! You can become part of our sisterhood and start your journey with permanent jewelry right away!

This is the perfect opportunity for salon owners, med spa owners, and boutique owners to expand their current business!

If you want more details about Plunder Luxe Linx, email me at!

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