Plunder Design Blinging Divas April 2017 Monthly Update

Plunder Design Blinging Divas April 2017 Monthly Update

Plunder Design Blinging Divas April 2017 Monthly Update

Here is the Plunder Design Blinging Divas April 2017 Monthly Update! April was an FANTASTIC month for The Plunder Design Blinging Divas Team!!! Plunder released our 2017 catalog and it is AMAZING!! Thanks to all of the wonderful ladies who killed it in March, shipping was a little behind. We received our new items a few days later than we thought, but once they hit our stylists hands the parties and sales came rushing in once again. We are looking forward to a full month with all of these new, beautiful items in hand! We have lots of new stylist that I know are going to accomplish big things in May! We are also releasing a new training system this month, Plunder University, so look out we are going to smash records!!

Here is what we achieved as a Team in April!!

Total Monthly Retail Sales- 1,923,032
Daily Average Sales- 64,101
Retail Sales on Last Day Alone were an astounding- 179,994
Daily Stylist Added Average- 17 per day
Total Stylist Added For The Month- 508
Which Brings Our Total Stylist Count to 6,834

Here is the SALES INCENTIVE WINNER for April

Catherine Potter aka Nana Cathy

Nana Cathy did an incredible job and killed it in April ! She did 5,983 in personal retail volume! HOW AMAZING IS THAT??? Nana Cathy isn’t a one hit wonder…she consistently produces these high sales every month!!! Nana Cathy if you have any tips please feel free to share with everyone!

Plunder Design Blinging Divas April 2017 Monthly Update

Mid Month Sales Incentive Winner

Brandy Woods

Plunder Design Blinging Divas April 2017 Monthly UpdateBrandy took this challenge and ran with it!! She joined us March 8th 2017 and is already working her business like a seasoned stylist!!! She finished the month with 1, 215 in personal retail volume! Way to go Brandy!!!


Emily Doran

Bridgette Webb

These ladies did an amazing job with this challenge!! The challenge was for 1 blanket when it started and these ladies worked so hard and exceeded their goals so I upped the ante for all of their hard work and efforts.

Emily sold 9 atlas total

Bridgette sold 6 total


Julie Falke

Plunder Design Blinging Divas April 2017 Monthly UpdateCongratulations Julie Falke for winning the Kate Spade purse!! Julie worked hard in April and she entered 3,779 in personal retail volume!! Way to go Julie, your hard work and dedication to your business payed off!!


We just wanted to take a moment and recognize ALL of these Incredible ladies that put so much time and effort into their business! We truly appreciate each and every one of you ALL and all that you do for the team!! You are an AMAZING group of women that keep us going strong!! We can’t wait to see what May holds for us all!!!


Julie and John

Thank You For Visiting,
Julie LaForte

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