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I never miss a chance to RAVE about Plunder Design! And why not? Afterall I started this journey just looking to make some extra money for a vacation, and ended up with a career, financial freedom, and a vacation home! I am so thankful that I found this opportunity, and I make it my mission to let ladies know they can do it too!

Plunder Atlanta Palooza 2019

There are SO many direct sales opportunities out there, from jewelry to diet supplements. Picking the right opportunity for you can be difficult and overwhelming. What sold me was the fact that Plunder Design not only recognizes Plunder Design Stylists for their personal achievements, they also have incentives like cash, gifts, free jewelry, and more. In fact, I JUST earned a $500 bonus, $1,000 consistency bonus, and have been recognized as the #4 recruiter! There is nothing quite like being rewarded for making money!  Check out my other earned incentives and achievements here!

Another HUGE thing that sets Plunder Design apart it the Plunder Design Starter Kit. For $99 you literally get EVERYTHING you need to get started…including jewelry! You could sell just the jewelry in your Starter Kit and turn a profit!

Plunder Jewelry Starter Kit

Want to go all in? You can add the Plunder Design Upgrade Kit! This kit is perfect for ladies who want to really hit the ground running.

Plunder jewelry upgrade kit 2019

Another thing that made me pick Plunder was the fact that they have a system that makes it so easy for ladies to say “yes” to hosting a Plunder Design Party. Plunder Design Hostesses earn rewards and incentives including jewelry credits and ½ price items!

Plunder Hostess Rewards

There are also monthly incentives for Plunder Design Hostesses. Here is Septembers….

Plunder 2019 Hostess Gift

Plunder Design has created something that isn’t offered anywhere else. Aside from everything above, they have an amazing compensation plan, uniquely designed QUALITY jewelry that is always in demand, and an entire team of incredible stylists to turn to for support, advice, or encouragement.

There are no words to fully describe how blessed I feel to have found Plunder Design!

If you have questions about joining, or want to get started, contact me or sign up here!

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