The Stronger Together Starter Kit- Plunder Design Jewelry

HUGE announcement!!! Plunder Design just released a $39 (US) Starter Kit. The Stronger Together Kit has everything you need to get started as a Plunder Design Stylist! This really could not have come at a better time!

stronger together plunder jewelry

If you have ever thought about joining, then this is a great chance to make some extra money, connect with empowering women, and see what Plunder Design is all about!

Plunder Design has an easy to understand (and lucrative) compensation plan.

plunder design compensation plan

You decide if you want to make a little, or a lot. With the combination of no monthly minimums, AND awesome incentives, your success is defined by YOU!

One of the things I love most about Plunder Design are the multiple opportunities they provide to help you promote and grow your business. There are Jewelry Drops, a monthly jewelry subscription called Plunder Posse, sales, specials, and so much more they do to make sure their Stylists have multiple ways to sell.

Another thing I love is the support. When you join my team, you don’t just join Plunder, you become part of an exceptional group of women who will support and encourage you as you grow your business. Find out more here.

Sound good? It is! Click here to become a Plunder Design Stylist!

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