Start Your Jewelry Collection – 2023 Plunder Posse

Start your jewelry collection today! There are several reasons why I think Plunder Posse is the best monthly box around, but the fact that it is SUCH an amazing deal is for sure in the top 3.

This month, the Posse set includes 12 pieces of jewelry for just $29 including tax and shipping!

I LOVE a great deal, but what I love even MORE is a great deal that gives me multiple options. Start your jewelry collection today!

Start your jewelry collection today!

The February Plunder Posse includes 10 seed bead bracelets in several trending colors and two pairs of stainless-steel earrings. These pieces pair with everything and anything in your closet.

Start your jewelry collection today!

But the options don’t end there. When you join this posse, you earn PERKS for your consecutive membership. These perks can be used towards even more jewelry.

February 2023 Plunder Posse Jewelry
February 2023 Plunder Posse Julie LaForte Earrings
February 2023 Plunder Posse Bracelets

Plunder Posse is such a fabulous way to try new trends and stock your jewelry box with exclusive jewelry! If you are ready to grab the February Plunder Posse for yourself, click here!

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