Plunder Jewelry Summer to Fall!

This Summer season has had some seriously sizzling styles. With Fall right around the corner, many fashionistas are prepping with transitional pieces that can accommodate the change of the season. What many women forget is jewelry! While clothing is the base of any wardrobe, jewelry is the cherry on top of your hypothetical ice cream sundae. Jewelry can enhance your style or even totally define it, and that’s why it must be considered when preparing for any seasonal style shift.

Every Plunder lover knows that Plunder releases sensational season inspired jewelry, but did you know that they also keep versatility in mind while designing their Plunder jewelry? It’s true, while at first glance you may think “Oh my! This piece is perfect for Summer!”, a second look (and some imagination. THINK FALL COLORS) will reveal that almost all of Plunders pieces can be paired properly with every season.

Here are some of my favorite pieces that are easy to take with you into Fall!

Plunder Pavlina Jewelry set

The neutral tones paired with white make these Plunder Jewelry pieces perfect to wear with many Summer and Fall colors. In fact, they can be worn with just about any color! You can get more details on these pieces by clicking below!

Roux Necklace


Nevada Bracelet

Aryah Earrings

Plunder Pavlina Yellow Gold Jewelry set

Yellow Gold has really made a comeback, and Plunder noticed! These glorious gold tone pieces can warm up all your Fall yellows, reds, and oranges…or add some contrast to your Summer greens, blues, pinks, and purples. You can check these pieces out by clicking below!




Plunder Pavlina Leopard Print Jewelry set

Leopard print is here to stay, and thankfully it is one pattern that can be paired with many colors. This fierce look has a touch of Summer color, located in the Arabella Necklace, but those Summer hues used actually fit with Fall fashion tones! And when you add in the Presley Necklace create a personalized style that can bring some heat to your Fall wardrobe!




Plunder Pavlina Summer Jewelry Set

These pieces have been really popular this Summer, and it is no surprise. Each one of these pieces can be carried into any season.

TheGriffin Earrings: These woven wicker hoops are as fashionable as it gets. The material and design make these earrings perfect for Fall. Imagine pairing them with absolutely ANY Fall color or pattern. If you need more to entice you to make these a permanent piece of your wardrobe, then picture them as part of a Winter or Spring ensemble. Pastels, bold and bright, cool, or warm…these earrings can compliment any color trend the fashion world comes up with.

TheMabel Necklace: Turquoise is simply a fashion staple. This bold beaded beauty is held together by a dark brown cord. This hint of brown paired with the turquoise is what makes this Plunder piece perfect for all seasons. Cool and warm come together with a hint of boho and dash of vintage to create this adaptable necklace. – Added bonus: It looks amazing with Plunder Pendants.

ThePavlina Set: Multitone equals multi-season. This set of six textured bangles includes rose, gold, and silver tones. They can be worn all together or not. The versatility of this set exceeds seasonal, and that is why it is a “must have” in my book.

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