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What Makes PermaLinx Permanent?

Have you ever wondered about jewelry that claims to last forever? It’s common to be skeptical about such claims, but jBloom Designs’ PermaLinx jewelry collection stands out with its durability and design. Crafted from high-quality stainless metals, all PermaLinx bracelets and anklets are designed to withstand daily wear and tear—and then some. Not only are they water and sweat-resistant. They’re also TSA-approved, ensuring that your favorite accessories can travel with you everywhere without a hitch.

The Simple and Swift Process of PermaLinx Jewelry

Unlike traditional methods that require heavy welding machines and can be quite time-consuming, PermaLinx simplifies the experience. Using high-end pliers and a cutter, your designer can have your new jewelry perfectly fitted and ready to wear in just 3-6 minutes. This method not only ensures a perfect fit but also a pleasant, zap-free experience. Why spend ages trying to adorn yourself when PermaLinx makes it effortless?

What If Your PermaLinx Jewelry Needs Repair?

Even the best of us encounter mishaps. In the unlikely event that your new favorite accessory breaks, PermaLinx has you covered. Any bracelet or anklet that encounters issues within the first six months will be replaced by your designer. And if you ever need to remove the jewelry, it can be easily cut off with a pair of scissors—no fuss, no muss.

The Permanent Jewelry Trend – PermaLinx

Originating in the late 1960s, the trend of permanent or forever jewelry has seen a resurgence in the past decade, bolstered by social media. Today, individuals of all ages are embracing forever bracelets and anklets not just as fashion statements, but as personal narratives they can carry with them indefinitely. This trend transcends mere aesthetics, offering a way to wear your story on your sleeve—literally.

Become a jBloom Designer with PermaLinx Jewelry

Interested in fashion and looking for a new career opportunity? PermaLinx by jBloom offers a unique chance to dive into the fashion industry, even for those with no prior sales experience. Starting with the PermaLinx collection, you can ascend from a beginner to an expert, with free training and tools provided. Engage with gold-level designers through courses and gain valuable tips to bring your business to life.

We built a community of support and sisterhood that goes beyond just a brand, and we call it PermaLinx. Should you have any questions on your journey, help from your mentor is just a call or email away.

Launching Your Career

Start your own Business

After completing your training and becoming familiar with the materials, you’ll be ready to make your first sale. Whether you prefer one-on-one client meetings or larger group settings, the choice is yours. Host a PermaLinx boutique party, lasting 1-2 hours, where you can showcase the collection and introduce your customers to both the products and your budding business.

Call to Action

Ready to embrace the world of permanent jewelry with PermaLinx? Explore the collection today and consider starting your own business with jBloom. The path to becoming a designer is filled with potential and promise—step into a career that sparkles as much as our jewelry. Join us at PermaLinx, where your fashion career awaits just around the corner. Don’t just wear jewelry—live your story with PermaLinx.

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