Patterns and Prints Everywhere!

Everyone is used to traditional floral patterns being the biggest trend of Spring fashion, but this year, there are a few patterns and prints that are showing up and showing off!

Surprisingly, some of these styles have stuck around now for multiple seasons. Slight variations are not abnormal, but the patterns are pretty much the same…and that is not the norm in the everchanging fashion world.

I am honestly stunned that instead of all out style replacement, we are seeing the looks be re-worked to add “just enough” change to justify the carry over.

No complaints here! The patterns and prints that are holding strong are some of my absolute favorites, and I would be just fine if they stayed trending forever!

So, without further ado…here’s the fashion 411!

Leopard Print

Well, we all saw it coming! Leopard print is sticking…and other prints like snake skin, zebra, and tiger, are sliding out of Spring fashion.

Patterns and Prints Everywhere!

Some cool variations are appearing, where previously only the generic brown/black print was popular, designers are not using “snow leopard” and other prints.

Patterns and Prints Everywhere! 2

Another awesome trend is mixing leopard print with other animal prints to create a busy but classy look. Leopard print is popping up all over, including on gym clothes, purses, hair accessories, hats, jackets and more! One of my favorite new looks is missing leopard print with floral, or plant prints. This really gives off a jungle vibe but isn’t too bold that it’s excluded from being a casual look.

Animal prints are usually harder to pair with jewelry than solid colors or floral prints. The colors are neutral but being a mixture of neutrals makes it difficult to decide even which tone to go with.

My suggestions…go full on leopard, or contrast!

Patterns and Prints Everywhere! jewelry

Mixing leopard print clothing with leopard print jewelry may seem like overkill, but it isn’t. Wearing jewelry that displays the same print as your clothing can create a conformed style that exudes classic flair. Wearing an alternate print, can make a look fun and unique. Contrasting colors like blues and turquoise create a bold and beautiful look. You always have the option to go with black and gold for that elegant chic look as well.

Floral Flavor

Florals are a Spring fave, so it is no shocker that it is still here. The style has evolved, and thankfully so. Strictly pastel floral patterns were getting boring!

Now, you will see more of a vintage floral look blooming. These patterns and/or prints will have the classic pastels included, but accented with an array of deeper, darker colors…or even bold bright colors.

Patterns and Prints Everywhere! bright colors

Mustard yellow (or Marigold) is often being used to accent lilac and lavender colors, Evergreen is being used to spice up pastel pinks, and Black is being used as a backdrop for bright colors ACCENTED by pastels.

Florals and jewelry pair easily. The array of colors makes the selection process pretty easy.

Patterns and Prints Everywhere! necklaces

Here are some tips:

For the purple/yellow combo, use gold tone jewelry to bring out the yellow. Pearls softly compliment this color combo; and iridescent bling is ideal for adding some sparkle.

For the pink/green combo, gold tone is suggested because of the ivory base usually used with this vintage look. BUT if a white base is used then silver tone works as well. Earth tones mixed with a hint of color (pulled from the print) really pairs well with this style.

Black and bright is perfect for gold or silver tone, and if you select jewelry that pulls from one of the main colors, it can give you a bold look that is not too overwhelming. The soft pinkish/purplish combo above mixes the two main colors and softens up the style.

Sunflowers…floral but not floral

Sunflower prints deserve a category all on their own…that’s how popular they are! I always thought of sunflowers as more of a Summer thing, but here they are…all over the Springtime fashion scene.

The most popular blends are sunflowers and white, navy blue, or beige.

Patterns and Prints Everywhere! sunflower dresses

This trend is mostly hitting dresses in pattern and print form, but there are tops, bottoms, and accessories also getting in on the sunflower craze.

As far as jewelry goes, this print accommodates neutral colors very well. Wooden jewelry is a sunflower prints best friend. You can also mix it up with some neutral color gems and a hint of blue (works best with navy “backdrop”). Leather, orange/yellow, and antique gold are also good options.

Patterns and Prints Everywhere! bracelets, necklace, earrings

I am so excited that Spring is finally here! Spring means NEW CATALOG…new items, awesome incentives, plenty of perks, and jewelry drops! The jewelry in this post can be seen on my site by clicking here!

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