New Year, New Style

Welcome 2019! Ah yes, it is a new year…and you know what that means, NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS! Every year, women all over pledge to “get healthier”, “lose weight”, “exercise more”, all to achieve a “new” version of themselves. Well, this year I am encouraging women everywhere to skip these resolutions and embrace a new one!

New year, new style! I want women to push their fashion limits by trying looks that are outside of their comfort zone.

Many women get set on a certain style and are afraid to experiment with other styles. I am challenging you to face your fashion fears, take a chance, and try something new.

new years 2019 with plunder jewlery

I know it is difficult to escape a “set in” style, but here are some ways to get started!

Change your tone! If you are a stickler for sticking to just gold or just silver jewelry, switch it up! You may just find that this small adjustment gives you a fresh new look.

new years 2019 with plunder jewelry 2

Bracelets are a great place to start when switching up your tones. You can even layer multiple bracelets in different tones to create a bold multi-tone look.

Bracelets shown from left to right

Jacob Bracelet

Silver hair tie holder bracelet. Hair tie not included. 8″

Eloise Bracelet

Gold links with lobster claw closure 7.5″ – 9.5″ adj.

Sheridan Bracelet

Hammered matte silver magnetic bangle. 7.5″

Less Plain Jane, More Bold Betty! If you have a taste for simple jewelry that compliments, but doesn’t create, your look, then this challenge is for you! Take your minimal style to the max, and amp things up with bold statement jewelry! Statement jewelry steals the show and is best paired with “plain” clothing.

new years 2019 with plunder jewelry necklaces

I love statement necklaces! They add just the right amount of “POW” to any look.

Necklaces shown from left to right

Olivia Necklace

Able to be worn short or long this playful yet classic piece completes several looks. Multi-sized pearls on antique bronze chain. Short 18″ Long 31″

Bronte Necklace

Marbled turquoise stones with gold chain. Natural stone color and marbling may vary. 19.75″ – 23″ adj.

Leticia Necklace

Hammered gold crescent shape with gray tassels. 17.5” – 20” adj.

Add Color! If you prefer “dimmed down” style, a dollop of color may be just what you need to update your look! Winter is not the season for drab and dim! Brighten up with colorful jewelry, and watch your look transform from okay to extraordinary!

new years 2019 with plunder jewelry 4

A little color can go a long way! If you are hesitant to try a full color set, start small, with one or two colorful pieces.

Pieces shown from left to right

Chandler Earrings

Gold hoop with lavender fringe. 3″ drop

Maeve Bracelet

Set of 3 bracelets adorned with beads & metal discs, each with different accent detail. 6.75″

Giselle Ring

Beautiful orange oval set in gold. Oval measures .75″ Slight variations in color will occur.

If you are feeling REALLY brave, you could switch up your entire style! Here are some styles you should take for a spin this year!

new years 2019 with plunder jewelry styles

Classic Elegance                                  Modern Chic                                         Boho Beauty

Classic Elegance takes traditional fashion and combines it with boldness. Pearls and cameos are common. Traditional pieces are “over-done” by layering, or simply wearing larger than average pieces.

Modern Chic combines hard lines with a touch of softness to create a look that is feminine and contemporary. Geometric shapes meld with asymmetrical influence, usually by using links and chains.

Boho Beauty is a trendy style that takes notes from the shabby-chic look, which stormed onto the fashion scene two years ago, and never left. This style uses fringe, tassels, beads, and layers to replicate vintage fashion with a twist of Bohemian flair.

Make this year a year of adventures! Take chances, try new things, and be bold!

All jewelry shown in this article (and much more) can be found by clicking “Shop”.

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