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New Year’s Eve is right around the corner, and as a fashion lover, I like to use this as an excuse to shop! I mean, picking the perfect party dress isn’t easy. There is a lot to consider. Venue, party theme, and price all play a part in purchasing the perfect party attire!

Luckily, there are some pretty magnificent sales happening, and picking up your ideal party dress for a low price is a huge possibility. I have a rule when it comes to “event” outfits…

Shop early!

I do not wait until last minute, because that just puts too many limitations on me. I start shopping well in advance, checking each sale, until I find the perfect outfit. Now, I know that we don’t all hammer down our holiday plans months in advance, so I make sure I pick something that can go from casual to formal party…with a few small additions.

To help you pick your party attire, I have put together ideas based on the top trending fashions right now!

Venue is a very important consideration. Nobody has fun when they are freezing. If you are attending an outdoor party, I would consider a sweater dress.

There are some GREAT sales at American Eagle right now that include adorable sweater dresses

Get Prepared to Party

Left to Right





Sweater dresses offer more warmth than the average dress. The fabric is usually a wool blend, instead of a cotton or poly blend like most other dresses. The thickness is above standard, but if you need extra heat, sweater dresses pair well with scarves, leggings, and high boots.


Get Prepared to Party 2

Get Prepared to Party 3High boots like these Steve Madden Boots (left) from Nordstrom, go up over the knee and can help keep legs warm! For a more formal look, you can wear boots with more of a heel like these Devine Steve Madden Boots.(right)


Sweater dresses are often considered casual, but there are ways to make them part of a formal look. The easiest way is by selecting the correct jewelry!

Here are some examples. The jewelry in the top box will help create a more casual style, and the bottom box will help you achieve a more formal style.

Get Prepared to Party 4

Get Prepared to Party 5

Get Prepared to Party 6

All of the jewelry shown (and more!) can be seen here

If you know for sure that you will be attending an indoor event, then these dresses are my favorite options on sale right now at Nordstrom.

Get Prepared to Party 7

Left to Right

Ribbed Button Dress

Cutabout Minidress

Ruched Long Sleeve Dress

These dresses can go casual or formal with the right jewelry as well, but with indoor venues you open up more options when it comes to SHOES! The right shoes can set the tone for an entire outfit. Below you will see some shoes that coordinate with the dresses above. The top row is for a more casual look, and the bottom is for more formal occasions.

Get Prepared to Party 8

All of these fabulous shoes can be found at Nordstrom, and are on sale right now!

Some styling tips:

If you plan on wearing a little black dress this New Year’s Eve, skip the black heels! Instead, pair it with some silver or gold heels and keep your jewelry the same tone.

Animal prints go great with bright or royal blue! This creates look that screams “Bold and fun!”.

Bring extra shoes! Leave them in your car if possible. If you aren’t driving, pop a small tube of super glue in your purse. Broken heels happen, and even if it doesn’t happen to you, you will likely encounter at least a few women limping about the party searching for something, or someone, to solve their shoe emergency.

I hope this New Year brings you many blessings, loads of fun, tons of love, and fabulous fashion!

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