Unlock Financial Freedom with Plunder Design: Just Got a Raise

Just got a Raise! That’s right! Plunder Design Stylists just got great news in the form of a re-vamped compensation plan.

The stylist compensation was ALWAYS above par, but now…it’s almost unbelievable.

You can now earn up to 40% commission without even building a team!

Just Got A Raise! Plunder Design Stylist - Attention Boutique Owners

This is an awesome opportunity for influencers and boutiques…or ANY lady who wants to take control of her financial future, time, and success. At Plunder we just got a raise!

There’s zero pressure. With no monthly minimums to meet or required inventory to carry, you are in control!

Start your OWN business selling high quality jewelry that’s always trending and in demand. Pick your Plunder Design Starter Kit, complete with jewelry, for only $99. This is no ordinary kit. Each one comes with over $300 of Plunder Design goods…

Plunder Design Stylist - Join The Journey
  • Sell a product line that’s easy to show, unmatched in quality, and in high demand!
  • Join an amazing sisterhood! 
  • We have a fabulous Hostess Rewards Program that’s very generous. We make it easy for ladies to say… Yes! I want to book a party!
  • Our Compensation Plan is very lucrative and easy to understand. Whether you want to supplement your income, replace your income, or build an income others only dream about…you can!
  • Earn cash bonuses, give yourself a raise!
  • Earn all-expense-paid trips 
  • No monthly minimums or required inventory!
Just Got A Raise! Plunder Design Stylist - Sales Track
Plunder Design Stylist - Selling Title

I would LOVE to help you get started! Give yourself a Raise! Email me at 30AJulie@gmail.com or click here to join now!

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