Jewelry Box Staples

My jewelry box is overflowing. Actually, ALL of my jewelry boxes are overflowing. I was organizing the other day, to make “room” for new jewelry, and I had a brilliant idea. My “go with everything” jewelry needs its own box.

We all should have those staple pieces that are perfect for the times when you need something you can just throw on and go. Pieces that go with any outfit, pair with other jewelry effortlessly, and add a noticeable level of glam. If you find yourself short on staple pieces, I have some recommendations.

Jewelry Box Staples

Top of my list is an initial necklace. The linked design and stylish toggle clasp on the Patti Necklace are a trending combination in the fashion world, and this beauty looks amazing  layered.

Jewelry Box Staples Alphabet Necklace

Speaking of layering, The Miranda Necklace is a gorgeous choice! This delicate crystal encrusted chain necklace can be worn multiple ways, even as a bracelet. You can see some stunning styling options in this video!

Plunder Design Jewelry Miranda Necklace

If you want to keep it simple, an initial necklace and pair of hoop earrings are all you need. Earrings are my favorite type of jewelry, and I think it’s because you can really define any look with the right pair. Some of my go-to earrings are the Peggy Sue, Marlow, and Blanche Earrings. They pair with everything I own but add “a little something different” from each other when it comes to style.

Jewelry Box Staples Plunder Design Staple Styles

If you have no idea what type of earrings to include in your “staples” I would suggest browsing through the entire selection here and picking the pairs that you could see yourself wearing with what’s in your closet.

For those of you who want more glam, bracelets, bangles, and cuffs are a great addition. My top pick right now is the Fancy Bracelet. It’s multi-tone, silver and gold, design makes it the perfect staple to easily pair with other jewelry. Plus, it’s REALLY pretty. You can dress up a graphic tee or formal style with this beautiful bracelet.

The more layers the better is my opinion when it comes to wrist candy, so most days you’ll find me stacked! The Tyra Bracelet is an elegant and timeless bracelet that can be worn solo or with other bracelets to create stunningly styled stacks. I am a big fan of anything pearly, because pearls never go out of style, but this bracelet’s big link design gives it a modern-chic feel. This makes it more versatile than your traditional pearl jewelry you can only pair with more formal attire.

If you want something easy to stack with anything you have in your jewelry box, a simple bracelet like the Halle Sue may be right for you. This stylish open cuff bracelet has a twisted design and antiqued gold finish. If you’re more of a silver girl, or like to mix it up, take a look at the Gretta Bracelet.

Jewelry Box Staples Fancy, Tyna, Halle Sue

All of the jewelry you see here, and more, can be found on, and if you want even more jewelry or fashion inspo, check out my Facebook VIP Group here!

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