Organize Your Jewelry Beautifully!

I consider myself an organizing pro when it comes to jewelry, and there’s nothing I love more than storing my jewelry in a beautiful and accessible way.

I just finished my first round of Spring Cleaning and wanted to share my favorite ways to organize my jewelry collection!

Drawer organizers are amazing for storing jewelry. You can separate your collection in several different ways to make finding specific pieces faster. This also saves valuable counter space, which you can use to store and display more jewelry.

Trays are a stylish way to organize and display your most beloved pieces. I like to place pre-paired jewelry in trays so I can have “ready to go” looks for those situations where I’m short on time.

Tiered bracelet displays are pretty, and they store a lot of bracelets! Having multiple levels saves space and gives me the opportunity to see all my favorite bracelets instantly. This makes the selection process smooth and easy.

I use earring displays to showcase pairs I wear often, and necklace displays are an easy way to keep multiple necklaces organized. I also use these organizational tools for jewelry styling. I can quickly see how my jewelry pairs together and visually select from several styles before putting on a single piece.

Jewelry is beautiful, so why not store it and showcase it at the same time? I hope this gave you some valuable tips on how to organize your space beautifully, and if you need to stock up on jewelry to organize, check out Happy Spring cleaning!

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