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Spring 2019 will be the season to go big! With your jewelry! Statement jewelry is the hardest hitting trend forecasted for Spring 2019. It’s not a huge surprise that people are falling in love with these showstopping, stylish, pieces. Statement jewelry offers a bold look that you can make all your own. You can rock a plain white tee, throw on a chunky necklace and you just went from casual Cathey to fashion forward Fiona.

If you are ready to make a fashion statement, here are some styles you should try!

BIG Earrings

big plunder earrings

If your outfit is already dripping with style, then slipping on a pair of enlarged ear candy may be the way to go! Statement earrings add flair but don’t overpower your already fabulous outfit.

Shown here (Left to Right) Chandler Earrings   DakotaEarrings   EmmylouEarrings

Pearl o’ Plenty

Think strands on strands on strands…oh and top it off with MORE pearls! This is an awesome option for that little black dress event, office party, or a romantic Gatsby style wedding.

Pieces Shown (Left Picture) Lena Earrings   Alicia Necklace   CambrieNecklace

Earrings in right picture GentryEarrings

Bold Bohemian

Are you already a Boho beauty? Great! Statement Jewelry pairs effortlessly with Boho styles. Tassels and turquoise are great statement piece materials. They add some mystery and that sultry edge women everywhere want.

Pieces in Left Picture   EdenEarrings   Bronte Necklace

Pieces in Right Picture VanityEarrings    RosannaNecklace

Ring it UP

A ring for every finger…well almost! Statements rings are little pieces that add big style. Try pairing different shaped rings with contrasting colored stones to create a fantastically fun look!

These rings are discounted and you can seethem all here  (while supplies last!!!)

Bulky Bracelets

Layering bracelets is still beaming with popularity but creeping up this Spring are statement bracelets! The bold look of layers, without actually layering! I personally love the look of stacked bangles and beads, but statement bracelets are growing on me more and more! Easy to wear and looks colossally chic.

Jewelry Pictured    KianaNecklace   Eloise Bracelet    Giselle Ring

If you are simply loving this look, then check out more pieces that are sure to fulfill your desire for this sizable style in my jewelry collection!





I can’t wait to see what else Spring 2019 has in store for the fashion world! Follow my blog for more fashion news and updates! ?

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