Thanks for Making me “Mom”! – A New Mother’s Day Tradition?

Mother’s Day is coming, and I think we can all agree that this one may feel a little different than Mother’s Days past. This got me thinking….

I want to do something different this Mother’s Day.

Moms have been working so hard, and absolutely deserve a day to be doted on. Some moms are facing struggles every day to try and balance essential jobs, kids’ schoolwork, and more. But there are some other people who have been working real hard too. Our kids!

I have heard endless stories from moms who are astonished, and proud, of the resilience and positivity shown by their children during all of this. I think that’s something to celebrate and reward.

This Mother’s Day, I think we should tell our kids “Thank you”.  Not just for handling this all so well, but for every smile, every hug, every kiss, and everything else they do that brings us joy during these times. Thanks for making me “Mom”.

A little token goes a long way with children, so why not share our day (a little) in the name of bringing joy?

For girls? Well, jewelry of course!

magical dreams pendant plunder design jewelry

The Magical Dreams Pendant is adorable. This hand soldered pendant (with iridescent German glitter accents and a bead drop) is perfect for any unicorn loving little girl.  Sized right at 1″ X 1″, this reversable pendant reads “Dream magical Dreams” on one side, and on the other….

“dance with fairies.

swim with mermaids.

ride a unicorn.

case Rainbows

dream a magical dream.”

How beautiful is that?

plunder design jewelry tazanna set

The Tazanna Set includes three pairs of earrings for one great price! Peach colored crystal encrusted hearts, clear crystal encrusted stars, and gold moons. These studs are .5”, which means they aren’t too small for mom to borrow!

plunder design jewelry nelly set

These beautiful bracelets are only $15 each! The Nelly Set includes THREE gold bangles, each with a beautiful stone.  You could break the set up if you have more than one daughter, or let your little princess wear them all stylishly stacked.

The Lana Bracelet is one of my favorites for little ladies. This gorgeous (6.5”) charm bracelet is packed full of pretty little floral, crystal, and tassel embellishments. Teens love this stunner as well!

If you would like to see more jewelry options for the little lady in your life, click here!

If you are a #BoyMom, then these are some options that are not only fun, but get the family involved.

Who doesn’t love making family memories?

taco cat goat cheese pizza kids game

Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza is rated five stars, and rightfully so. Honestly, when I read the description of this game, I didn’t think it sounded THAT fun. Then I watched the videos of family’s playing together and I was wrong! This card/word game is fast paced, tons of fun, and for ages 8 and up.

uno minecraft kids game

UNO Minecraft is just regular UNO…but Minecraft. UNO has been around forever and is a family favorite. If you have a Minecraft addict in your home, then this is a great way to introduce them to a game that families have played for years and years…before Minecraft ?. This game is discounted right now, and you can get it for under $6.

kids against maturity game

Kids Against Maturity is a spin on Cards Against Humanity (For adults). It’s described as a “Card Game for Kids and Humanity, Super Fun Hilarious for Family Party Game Night.”

A word of caution…if you are easily offended by things like little kids telling “bathroom” jokes, this is probably not the game for you. If you love watching your kid(s) laugh at their own silly jokes…this is your game.

This Mother’s Day may look a lot different, but let’s focus on the good and make some memories!

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