May 2019 Plunder Posse!

Ready to be charmed? Then check out this month’s Plunder Posse!

plunder jewelry set

This set has that classic beauty paired with vintage charm! The necklace makes a statement and the earrings add a sweet touch that tops off the look. This set goes with ANYTHING!

plunder necklace

Here you can see how it pairs with jeans and a darker top….

julie's plunder posse

And here, you can see that it ALSO pairs with lighter colors! PERFECTION!

This set isn’t the only perk with Posse!

When you join, you get new and exclusive pieces mailed to you each month for only $25!

You also earn Perks the longer you stay a member…and these perks can be used to get even more jewelry! Talk about a dream come true!

May's plunder posse perks

Interested in joining? Click here to sign up…and enjoy your monthly dose of fashion!

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