What Will You Do This Spring?

Spring is a time of new beginnings. A time to rejuvenate, revive, and refresh mentally. It is the perfect time of year to start something new and/or let go of the old. Spring time activities that encourage us to make something new are reminiscent of Spring being the season of “rebirth”. Getting rid of the old helps us to move forward and give us that sense of newness.

I have put together a list of four Spring time activities that really help get you in that Spring groove.

  1. Start a Garden: You do not have to have the greenest thumb around to be able to plant a beautiful garden. There are many different ways to go. You can make a small herb garden (indoors if you want), a succulent garden, or a full on outdoor garden. Gardening is relaxing and something about getting your hands in some dirt is extremely grounding.
What Will You Do This Spring?
  • Donate: Every season is the season for giving, but Spring is the season of SPRING CLEANING. So many people just trash things that they don’t need or use anymore. Some of these items can help give someone less fortunate a boost towards their “new beginning”. Many programs take donations of food, clothing, and household items to give to people who are in need. Be sure to research programs and find those that actually directly donate instead of reselling items. Women’s shelters are a great place to donate children’s clothing, toys, women’s career clothing.
What Will You Do This Spring?
  • Read a Classic: Sometimes a visit to the past makes you enjoy the present even more. Pick up one of those classic novels you read in high school or college and read it again. I have found that the second time around brings new insights. This new vision helps me see how far I have come (and grown) since I last read the book. We don’t always notice how far we have really come mentally, physically, or spiritually. A visit with the past can be a great reminder.
What Will You Do This Spring?
  • Do Something You Have Been Putting Off: What have you always wanted to do in your “free time”? Some of us feel like we just have no time to do anything for ourselves. Our days are filled with work, family, and financial obligations…there isn’t much left after that. But I want you to really think about how your time is spent…and then I want to challenge you to find the time to do something you have always wanted to do. Did you ever want to write a Blog? Start a side biz? Learn photography? Write poems? Too many times we forget ourselves because we are so busy taking care of everyone and everything else! Spring is the perfect time to do something for you.
What Will You Do This Spring?

I hope you guys have a wonderful Spring! Please be sure to follow my Blog and follow me on social media to keep up on all the amazing deals going on this season! We have major jewelry drops, awesome incentives for new sign-ups, and our Spring 2019 catalog will be coming out soon!

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