Warm Styles for Winter

It’s almost Christmas! Yes, it’s true, Winter is on its way. Winter fashion has always been a favorite of mine. The warm and comfortable feel of soft sweaters, the cool look and flair of a leather jacket, the sophisticated touch of a scarf, are some of the things we look forward to when thinking about our Winter wardrobes. But, an essential part of achieving most looks is jewelry!

Jewelry adds that finishing touch to every outfit, Winter, Summer, Spring, or Fall. This season a warm and stylish trend has struck the fashion world…and it comes in the form of tassel earrings!

Some call them fringe earrings, some call them frayed, but whatever you call them there is no doubt that they are absolutely delightful and fun. Tassel earrings can take a drab Winter outfit and add some “pow” to it, while still exuding the feel of warmth. They are extremely versatile. They pair well with casual and formal attire.

The material used to create most tassel earrings makes a variety of colors possible. They are usually made of fabric materials and come in an array of styles.

Warm Styles for Winter

With all of the options tassel earrings offer, it’s no surprise that they are becoming more and more popular in everyday styles. Because of the versatility and desirable shabby chic look, I think this fashion trend will be around for a while!

Warm Styles for Winter 2

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