Summer Insert Plunder Jewelry!

plunder griffin earrings

We have been waiting for our new products for Summer and now they are here! These pieces do not disappoint. Unbelievable designs that are on trend and stylish! These Plunder pieces are must-sees.

Dangling hoops are all the rage right now, but who would have ever though to combine that trend with the vintage look of woven wicker? Plunder, that’s who!

Plunder Remington Earrings

And then there are these modern yet feminine earrings. They have big detail with a textured hoop and marbled turquoise blend. Beautifully balanced and versatile for any outfit you wear this Summer and beyond.

Plunder linde Pendant

Colorful fun is a Summer theme for 2019! Plunder got right on board with these fantastic pieces. Beaming with festive Summer colors, these pieces mix, match, and more!

Plunder Sandy Earrings

Unique shapes are showing up all over! Check out these earrings featuring unique shape AND bright color! These earrings are perfectly complemented by this bold necklace made of white and gold beads, finished off with a horseshoe shape with a hammered texture. Necklaces are always better in pairs, and that’s why you see the engravable gold circle necklace here.

This calls for some serious Summer shopping! See all the Summer Insert pieces here!

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