Simple Summer Hairstyles to Try This Summer!

Summer is approaching fast, and that means full sunny days. Bring on the heat! Summer offers opportunities to wear cute sundresses and shorts, but it also brings humidity and other not so hair friendly things. Having your head covered by luscious locks is added insulation you don’t need or want when it hits 80 degrees!

So, I have put together a few Summer hairstyles that will help you contain the frizz, stay a little cooler, and look good…even sweaty ?

As an added bonus, I threw in some jewelry styling recommendations…here we go!

The Classic Cover-up

The Classic Cover-up

Now while this is not technically a hairstyle…it is absolutely a Summer style for those who love to keep their hair short. A small scarf or bandana can add the perfect amount of class to most Summer looks! I love the idea of wearing a floral bandana and pairing it with a solid color tee and jeans.

The Basic Pony

The Basic Pony

This hairstyle will always be around! Ponytails are a Summer must do…hairdo. There is nothing better than the feeling of just throwing your hair up, and off your neck. Ponytails are not just for long hair. For shorter hair, grab what you can, wrap it in a hair tie, and let the rest go where it will. This messy style, I like to call “Short hair don’t care”.

For these two Summer styles, earrings really spice things up! My fave earrings for these particular hairstyles are hoops.

glorious hoop earrings

All of these glorious hoop earrings can be found here!

The Messy Bun

The Messy Bun

Most women wear this hair when they are off to the gym or Yoga class, but it is becoming more common to see messy buns classed up and now trending. Somehow, the “just rolled out of bed” look is now an essential Summer style. I’m not complaining…messy buns save loads of time.

The Less-Mess Bun

The Less-Mess Bun

If you can’t see yourself in a “traditional” messy bun…then I invite you to try the “less-mess” bun. This cute creation is like a messy bun, but neater. Instead of simply piling and wrapping hair on top of your head, you brush it back as if making a ponytail, and then make a small bun, leaving the front of your hair lose and framing your face.

For these buns, statement making dangles are a great compliment.

statement earrings

See even more statement earrings here!

Summer Braids

Summer Braids

This braid does double duty! It looks beautiful…and also keeps hair out of your face!

To create this look, you simply sweep your hair to one side and start French braiding down. You can leave it looser for a more casual look or keep it tight and neat for a formal feel.

French braiding

This is an example of a looser (easier) more casual braid. For this style, sweep your hair to one side (same as above) but start a regular braid right under your ear.

Nothing livens up a Summer braid like tassel earrings!

tassel earrings

See all these and more by clicking here!

Down and Free

long hair down on a hot Summer day

Leaving your long hair down on a hot Summer day is proof that you are committed to your style! If you want to go this route, try super soft curls. The volume makes your hair feel less heavy, and you can use a good quality hairspray to keep curls intact.

person holding guitar

If soft curls aren’t your thing, you can always go straight! Flat ironing your hair with a steam straightener can lock out that frizz that comes from Summer humidity. You can even pop on a hippie headband to add some flair.

Studs are easy and cute to wear with your hair down! Bright colored, or sparkly studs peek through long locks and add a touch of pizazz.

these bold studs earrings

See these bold studs and more on my site!

No matter what you do with your hair, remember that Summer is about one thing…FUN! So, have a good time with your style ?

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