New Stylist Incentive for July 2019

It’s no secret that Plunder sets itself apart from other opportunities by offering amazing incentives. Stylists often have multiple opportunities to earn cash, prizes, free jewelry, and more. Plunder Design also offers sign up incentives for those ladies signing up as a new Plunder Design Stylist.

This month’s new stylist incentive is Bangles and Blessings!

bangles and blessings plunder July jewelry

When you sign up as a new stylist in the month of July you get this adorable custom engraved “Blessed” necklace with your Plunder Starter Kit.

Bangle Plunder Design Jewelry July 2019

That’s not all though! You can earn a set of 3 stackable magnetic bangles! That’s potentially 4 pieces of free jewelry you can get on top of the already amazing Plunder Starter Kit.

Plunder Starter Kit July 2019

When you join Plunder Design for $99, you get all of the jewelry shown above! Not to mention, all the business tools you need to get started. You could literally sell the jewelry you get in your Starter Kit and turn a profit! If you want to take advantage of this incentive, contact me, or go ahead and sign up here!

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