Live a Life You Love

Life is beautiful. We get to experience so many moments that add a landmark, or even change our path completely. We get to touch other people’s lives by offering support, advice, and encouragement. We celebrate successes and stand up again after failing.

I have spent the first part of 2019 thinking about how fortunate I am. I can honestly say that I am living a life I love. I am blessed, and thankful. Getting to where I am took dedication and faith. I took control of my future by joining Plunder, and I have no regrets!

I have an amazing family. Amazing is not even a strong enough word, because a strong enough word does not exist. Family is everything. Life gets so busy and demanding that family is often squeezed in where ever it fits…and I refuse to live my life that way.

plunder family

I have a career I love, that allows me to work with magnificent, talented, and driven women every day. I get to decide how I spend my time, where I put my energy, and how far I want to go. It makes me happy to be able to do work I believe in. Many people are “stuck” in careers with no passion. Work is where you spend the majority of your life, and I refuse to spend that much of my life doing something I consider “just a job”. Plunder is more than that to me. It is the ability to be financially secure while empowering other women and providing a product that allows women to express themselves and their style.

Plunder on the beach

I get to be a role model. I get to be someone I am proud of. No life is perfect, but I have worked to make a life perfect for me and the people I love. My goals are simple.

  1. Family First
  2. Inspire Others
  3. Live a Life I Love

Each day is a blessing. Every opportunity is a chance to reach a dream. Each success is worthy of celebration.

Plunder family fun

If you are interested in learning more about my journey, or are interested in joining Plunder, please feel free to reach out! I am always happy to share my experience with others <3

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Julie LaForte

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