How Much Can I Make with Plunder?

One of the most common questions I get is “How much can I make with Plunder Design?”.  The answer is simple…. As much as you want to.

As with ANY money making opportunity, you get out what you put in. One of the best things about Plunder is that they don’t put pressure on you to “sell, sell, sell!”. If you want to make a lot and earn a fulltime income that’s totally possible. If you want to just earn a little extra shopping money, that’s an option too. It is whatever you want!

When you become a stylist, it’s YOUR RULES. You work when you want, and where you want, however hard you want to.

Plunder doesn’t pressure…instead they entice Stylists with bonuses, incentives, and more. I myself have earned many incentives including a Louis Vuitton Bag and cold hard cash! It is so exciting to earn these bonuses, and it is a huge motivator. If you are anything like me, once you get one you want them all!

Personally, I started off with the intention of making a bit of extra vacation money. I ended up earning enough to allow me to bring my husband home from his job. My family is now a full time family. Instead of some extra vacation money, we ended up with a vacation dream home in beautiful Santa Rosa Beach Florida. This was a dream come true for me.

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How did I do it? First off, the jewelry is incredibly easy to sell. Plunder Design products are not the run of the mill lower quality jewelry offered by other companies. Each and every piece is unique, trendy, great quality, and affordable. It sells itself. You can take a look at the jewelry here!

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Second, there are so many ways you can promote the jewelry. You get a website that beautifully displays each piece and automatically updates when there are sales or promotions. You get to offer incredible hostess rewards to women who want to host a Plunder Party. Plunder even has its very own monthly jewelry subscription called Plunder Posse (for only $25 a month for exclusive non-catalog pieces). And, you can promote your products on social media (unlike some other companies).

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Third, when you join, you become part of an amazing sisterhood. These women are now your people. They are there when you need support, encouragement, and/or guidance. Unlike other companies where women are posed to compete against each other…we complete and compliment each other. It is HIGHLY encouraged for women to support one another, because success is easier to achieve when you have a team that has your back!

So, when women ask me “How much can I earn?”, my answer is always “How much do you WANT to earn?”.

If you have questions about becoming a Plunder Stylist, the compensation plan details, or anything else Plunder related, contact me here!

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