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There are TONS of jewelry trends circulating right now, and many big designer brands (and even some not so big ones) are cashing in. I don’t know about you, but when I look through a fashion magazine or shop online, I am sometimes shocked at the prices. I see a $100 necklace and think “Why would I spend that when I can get the same style for $20 or $30?”

One jewelry trend that’s hot right now is layering necklaces. I am obsessed with this layered look!!! My daughter Halle recreated a high dollar style with our pieces for a fraction of the price!!!

Expensive jewelry

These necklaces are $231…and they look fabulous together but wait for it….

Affordable Plunder Jewelry

Heart necklace $8
Crescent necklace $16
Leaf necklace $12

Earrings $12

Same style plus earrings…$183 less. Do you know how much additional Plunder Design Jewelry you could get for that $183? Take a look at JulieLaForte.com!

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