Easy Ways to Earn $99 to Start Your Plunder Design Business

Starting your own business for only $99 is a great deal, but with Christmas just ending, maybe your heart is saying “yes”, and your bank account is saying “hold on a second”. I get emails here and there from ladies who want to join, but don’t have it in their budget. Plunder Design is one of the easiest ways I have made money, but if you need to earn some extra money to join, here are some ideas that have helped others…

Plunder Design Business Yard Sale
  • Yard Sale: We all have stuff laying around that we don’t use anymore. Why not make some money off of it?!? Having a yard sale is by far one of the easiest ways to earn your startup money!
  •  Check out Free items: Craigslist and Facebook always have ads for free stuff. Search for free items that you can pick up and resell on Facebook Marketplace, in your own yard sale, or on other sites that allow free posts.
  • Odd Jobs: Babysitting, Meal Prep, and Organizational services are some easy side gigs you can do to earn cash fast. Many of your friends and family probably need these exact types of services, but don’t want to pay an arm and a leg. You can offer the same services for a lower price and earn your startup money fast!
Plunder Design Business Organizational Services
  • Re-purposed Items: If you are crafty, this ones for you! Browse thrift stores or yard sales for items that you can buy for a few dollars and “fix up” to sell. Pallet furniture is a huge trend right now, and you can usually pick up pallets behind any grocery store for free! With a little bit of creativity, and some low-cost materials, you can create things like coffee tables, outdoor swings, and even bed frames!
Plunder Design Business For The Cost Of Coffee
  • Review your Daily Spending Habits: I never realized how much is spent on iced coffee and eating out. For many women, their Plunder Design dream is right within arm’s reach… if they simply skip a few iced lattes, eat at home a few extra nights, or reduce other non-essential daily splurges. A small price to pay to start your own business!

$99 could change your entire life like it did for me, and I want every woman to have the same opportunity I did! If you have any additional ideas or want to get started with Plunder Design, contact me!

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