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Earrings are my favorite when it comes to jewelry. I love to try different styles and see how they compliment not only my outfit, but my face as well. With Fall right around the corner, I decided to put together some of my top picks for Fall fashion colors!

plunder jewelry and earrings

The colors of Fall are not only beautiful, but also create a feeling of warmth.

plunder mustard jewelry

Marigold, Mustard, Bright Yellow, and Maize are about as warm as you can get! These alluring yellows are traditionally used in all forms of Fall fashion.

meg, bennet, aryah plunder earrings

Pairing your yellows with gold and yellow toned earrings creates a fantastic style. These earrings look great with yellows. The Marigold color tassels of the Meg earrings add some attention-grabbing detail while still flowing with your Fall look. The feathers and the Mustard colored twine ball of the Bennett earrings create a boho-chic style that feels vintage Fall. The elegant Aryah earrings are stunningly beautiful. The white and cream beads pop when worn against yellow shades while the gold tone ties them in.


Gold metal shapes with mustard tassel. 3.5″ drop


Mustard twine ball with tassel & feather. 4″ drop


Gold circles with white & cream drop beading accents. 4.25″ drop

natural tan plunder jewelry

Neutral Tans to Chocolate Browns are all over the Fall fashion scene. These semi-mute shades are easy to wear and easy to pair with just about ANY jewelry.

turquoise plunder earrings

So, my suggestion is to spice things up a bit. Instead of wearing simple jewelry, try something a bit bolder…like Turquoise. Turquoise (Joquelle earrings) paired with those tans and browns creates a chic and sophisticated style that also says, “I know how to have fun!”. Leopard print (Cocoa earrings) is also a bold choice for these colors…or why not try both as shown in the Garner earrings!


Turquoise wood teardrops. 3.5″ drop


Leopard print acrylic hoops. Pattern will vary. 1.5″ hoop


Circle drops accented with leopard, turquoise, & clear gems. 2″ drop

deep purple plunder design jewelry

Mauves, Wine, Deep Purple, and Lavender are some less traditional Fall colors you will see this Fall season. The possibilities are endless when it comes to accessorizing, but these colors are strong enough to stand alone. What fun would that be though?

bold plunder design jewelry earrings

I suggest trying simple but bold earrings with these colors. Add some filigree flair to any shade of purple just by wearing the Black Diamond earrings. Make your style shine by adding the Dakota earrings. Or, you could add a dab of feminine softness with the Esperanza earrings.

BlackDiamond Earrings

Black diamond filigree. 2.75″


Gold diamonds. 3.25″ drop


Cream fringe hoops with gold & crystal accents. 3″ drop

This Fall is going to feature fabulous fashion! If you need more Fall style inspiration, follow me on Facebook and/or Instagram!

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