A Year Of Lessons

I have learned this last year that you have to prepare yourself for this life and fight the good fight with grace, LOVE and compassion.

You can be in the battle and still be at peace.

You can be right and still be wrong.

You can be joyful and still be fierce.

You can technically fail and still win.

You can be gentle and still be bold.

You can love people and still protect your space.

You can do your best every single day and still fall short of what you really want.

Fight for the life you want friend, but learn to trust the process. ? Most of all, love who you are becoming along the way! Words could never fully express just how blessed I truly am with love, friendships and abundance that surround me daily.

I am am blessed with this incredible life!

julie laforte

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  1. September 24, 2018 / 10:27 pm

    Julie, what a stunning picture! Thank you for being a great leader & role model. Loved reading your thoughts, lots of good reminders!

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