Picking the Right Pair of Earrings

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Picking the Right Pair of Earrings

Earrings are an essential part of jewelry fashion. They have many uses, beyond just decorating your ears. They can be used to bring attention to the face, complete a look, define your style, and compliment your hair. As important as earrings are, shouldn’t we make sure we are picking the RIGHT earrings?

Just as body shape determines what clothes look good on us, face shape plays a part in what earrings look best on us. The first step in selecting the right pair of earrings is knowing what your face shape is. The image in this post can help you determine your face shape.

Now that you have figured that part out, here is a list of the best type of earrings to fit your specific face shape:


Heart: Heart shaped faces are best complimented by short dangle earrings that are wider at the bottom. If you want to go with longer earrings, try to select earrings that are not slim dangles.

Long: Long shaped faces look great with small or medium hoop earrings. If they are forward facing hoops, even better!

Square: Square shaped faces are similar to Heart Shaped faces, and the same earring styles usually compliment both. You can get even more dramatic with a Square Face Shape and select bold and big styles.

Diamond: Diamond Face Shapes are the perfect fit for larger hoops. A large hoop helps offset an angles chin, leaving the face looking more symmetrical.

Oval: Oval Shaped faces pair well with almost any style. Dramatic studs and small to medium dangles are a great choice for this shape.

Triangle: Triangle Face Shapes look chic and elegant with angled dangles. The sharp lines of the earrings amplify the contour of the face shape.

Round: Round shaped faces can look less round when wearing slim dangles. Dangles in general are good for this face shape but try to stick to non-round earrings. Select ovals, triangles, or square shapes instead.


Fashion is so much more than just picking what’s trending. It’s important to pick items that compliment your face, body, and personal look. I hope these tips were helpful! If you want more fashion tips or advice, follow me on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter! I post fashion deals and more. If you would like me to personally recommend products, please contact me.  You can also shop by clicking “Shop Plunder” above.

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