It’s Plunder Palooza!

One of the things I really LOVE about Plunder Design is that they truly celebrate your success. Encouragement is key, and aside from being a part of a company that cares, becoming a Plunder Design Stylist means you can earn incentives, awards, and other amazing bonuses.

My favorite event is Plunder Palooza. It is an event like no other, jam-packed with training, sisterhood, and inspiration. We get to celebrate each other’s achievements, share inspiring stories, learn from each other, and reap our rewards of course!

Plunder Palooza 2020

This Plunder Palooza I had A LOT to celebrate. I became a 3 Million Dollar Earner!

Plunder Palooza 3 million dollar earner
Plunder Palooza tiffany & co necklace

And received this BEAUTIFUL necklace.

Plunder Palooza $1000 club Julie LaForte
Plunder Palooza

I achieved many of my goals this year, including the $1000 Club and Top Ten Recruiters. I was top 4 in the company!

Plunder Palooza winners

I am thankful I found Plunder Design, and I take every chance I get to share the opportunity with other women, because you never know who may be searching for a way to escape the 9 to 5 and start her own business. I knew what I wanted, and Plunder Design gave me the tools I needed to get it. I live a life I love, doing what I love. If you’re ready to learn more about becoming a Plunder Design Stylist, contact me! Can’t wait to see you at Plunder Palooza next year!

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