Easy and Affordable Christmas Style – Plunder Design Jewelry

If you have ladies on your list then this one’s for you! Christmas is my favorite holiday. I look forward to celebrating the birth of Jesus, sharing joy, and spending time with friends and family. BUT I also really look forward to giving gifts!

In fact, I buy a LOT of gifts, including little presents for my friends. One of my favorite gifts to give is jewelry (of course), and it’s not JUST because I love to share Plunder’s amazing style. Plunder Design jewelry makes a great gift because it is affordable and always on trend.

If I had to pick ONE piece of jewelry to gift, it would be earrings. One size fits all, and there’s something for everyone. Plunder Design has stunning earrings, and you can pick up most of my favorites for only $12.

Christmas Style – Plunder Design Jewelry Earrings

$2 more scores you these fabulous styles…

Christmas Style – Plunder Design Jewelry

You can see more great gift picks on JulieLaForte.com!

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