August 2019 Plunder Posse!

It has arrived ladies! The August Plunder Posse is BEAUTIFUL!

August 2019 Plunder Posse

Be beautifully beaded with this Plunder Posse set exclusively for Posse members! You won’t find these pieces in our regular catalogue.

Plunder Posse is our monthly jewelry subscription. You get 1-3 on-trend pieces delivered to your door each month! These pieces are limited, and at only $25 per month, joining Plunder Posse is a great choice for those who LOVE to have unique style. What’s better than surprise jewelry? Earning FREE jewelry!

When you join Plunder Posse, you can earn Posse Perks!

August 2019 Plunder Posse Perks

These perks get you codes that you can use towards more beautiful Plunder Design jewelry!

Contact me for more details or sign up for Plunder Posse today!

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