I just wanted to say “Hello” and introduce myself for those of you who haven’t visited before. My name is Julie LaForte. I am a blessed wife and mother, running my own business from wherever I want. At home, on the beach, pool side, and even from bed if I want to. I get to live my best life, my way, each and every day.

Julie LaForte Plunder Design

I am a 4 Star Peep Leader with Plunder Design, and never imagined how far I’d go when I signed up as a Plunder Design Stylist. I was expecting some extra vacation money…and ended up with a vacation home. All it took was a Starter Kit, motivation, dedication, and some guidance from the sisterhood, to get me where I am now. If you want to find out more about the Plunder Design Opportunity, you can click here, or send me an email at 30AJulie@gmail.com. I’d love to share my story with you and answer any questions you may have.

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Jewelry is my passion, and one of my favorite things about what I do is helping other women find their style. There’s just something about perfectly paired jewelry that inspires confidence. I also love fashion, so I make it my goal to seek out fabulous deals and share them in my VIP Group, along with jewelry styling ideas, outfit trends, and more.

Julie LaForte

I hope you enjoy my site, and if there’s a topic you want me to cover, feel free to reach out through the contact page. Thank you for visiting!

Thank You For Visiting,
Julie LaForte

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