What Sets Plunder Apart?

One of the top questions prospective Plunder Stylists ask me is “What makes Plunder different from other direct sales or multilevel marketing opportunities?”. The answer is a lot of things.

There are floods of opportunities out there dealing with totally different types of products. Health food, fitness products, makeup, Yoga pants, and of course other companies that are jewelry based.

The possibilities are endless. What’s important to remember is that not every company offers the same thing…even though they may be “structured” the same way. Compensation, start-up fees, continuing support, requirements, product quality, and extra costs ALL differ.

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Let’s start with what is most important to majority of people…compensation. Every company has a compensation plan for their reps. Some of these plans are riddled with “fine print”. Some have earning caps, minimum inventory requirements, and extra “expenses” that get tacked on (reducing the amount of compensation you actually receive).

What I love about Plunder, is that the compensation is easy to understand. You can sell as much as you want (or as little). There is no required inventory. And, you CAN earn incentives and cash bonuses in a variety of ways. I myself have earned SEVERAL incentives and cash bonuses.

Start-up fees are another thing that varies from company to company. Some offer low start up fees. Many of these fees are simply fees to join, and afterwards you are hit with high pressure tactics to purchase inventory kits that range from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Plunder is only $99 to join. Our starter kit is hands down one of the best out there. Not only do you get actual products in the kit, you get EVERYTHING you need to hit the ground running.

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The next big difference is continuing support. Some MLM companies sign you up and then you are on your own, left to figure out how to sell, where to sell, and more all alone. This causes people to give up.

Plunder just won’t have any part of that! When you join Plunder, you join a sisterhood…and when I say a sisterhood, I mean it! You get a huge group of women who can help you, encourage you, and support you throughout your journey. These amazing women lift each other up.

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If you have ever worked in sales before then you know how important quality is. It is no secret that many of the MLM companies out there wildly mark-up lower quality products in order to increase profits as much as possible.

When I encountered Plunder, I was shocked at the quality and uniqueness of their jewelry. Not only is it trendy, but it is affordable while not sacrificing at all in the quality department. I have had experience with other jewelry distribution businesses and Plunder set the bar…and they set it high.

make a statement with plunder jewelry

Some other things that really set Plunder apart are the seller opportunities. Many MLM companies encourage reps to sell by hosting parties (or recruiting others to do so), and Plunder also encourages parties. The difference is, Plunder offers AMAZING hostess rewards that will MAKE women say yes.

They also offer a very unique monthly jewelry subscription, called Plunder Posse. Each month the subscriber will get exclusive Plunder jewelry that isn’t in the catalog. Shipping is included, and it’s only $25 per month. That’s not all either…Posse members earn perks (which are coupon codes that can be used to get MORE JEWELRY!).

Plunder posse perks

All of these things really did “sell” me on Plunder, but what’s kept me is the company. Plunder seriously makes it easy to sell product. The entire way the company is set up encourages women to succeed. This was vastly different from other MLM companies who base their focus on getting as many signups as possible, and then not investing in the success of those recruits. Plunder IS invested. With time, resources, support, opportunities, incentives, and more. If you have the drive, Plunder will show you the road to success.

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