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Plunder Design Jewelry Pays!!!

Do you ever find something you LOVE and can’t wait to share it with your friends and family and tell them how cute and affordable it is??? I LOVE sharing all of my great finds with my friends and family so they can enjoy it too!!! 
So, next time you go to Anthro, Francesca’s, J.Crew, Altar’d State, Charming Charlie or wherever you like to buy cute jewels …. Ask them for $300 of jewelry for $99. Demand that it come with a 20 to 30% discount, plus residuals, after that. Tell them you also want the ability to get free jewelry for life!! And also tell them you want to be paid every time you recommend their products or send your friends in the store to buy their makeup !!
I wonder what their response would be? ?
If you aren’t getting paid to wear trendy, chic jewelry, then let’s chat! Plunder Design Jewelry pays me residual income to wear their jewelry and share it with my friends!! So when you share something you love…wouldn’t it be nice to get compensated for sharing?
That is what the Plunder Opportunity is all about. You can feel a sense of community by sharing our fashion forward vintage treasures alongside other inspirational stylist.
With our generous compensation plan, ground floor opportunity, and only a $99 start up fee…what is there to loose? Our compensation Plan is very lucrative and pays well at all levels!
If selling isn’t your thing…come PARTY with ME!!! We can set a date and time, invite your friends over and reap the rewards! It is FUN, EASY and SO Worth it!! Plunder Hostess Rewards are SO Generous!!! See for yourself below. You can also browse my site and see all the beautiful pieces at affordable prices for yourself!!
Plunder Design

Plunder Design Hostess Rewards are SO Generous!!!

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