Top 3 Benefits of Being Your Own Boss

Why did I choose to take the chance to work for myself? I looked around and saw a world full of people who spend majority of their life at an office. They have to fight to “find time” for their family and forget about personal time. All of this struggle, and all of the money you earn goes to bills just to pay to survive….and I didn’t want any part of it.

I wanted to put my family first, and career second. I wanted to be in control of how much I made, and not have to depend on spending years in a mediocre job to earn the money needed to live the life I wanted. I wanted to do something I LOVED, instead of settling for a job because it was the best choice.

There are just too many opportunities to earn your own money, working for yourself. Does it take more effort? Sometimes. You have to hold yourself accountable and motivate yourself to succeed. It isn’t always easy, but it was absolutely worth it for me.

I chose Plunder Design. The compensation plan was great, I loved the product (very important), the start up cost was LOW, and I liked that they had a great support system.

For anyone thinking about taking the leap into self-employment, I have put together the 3 biggest benefits in my opinion.

  1. Family Time. This is my absolute #1. I have an amazing husband and daughter. I love being a wife and mother. When you work for someone else, you are NOT in control of your time. Family time is scheduled around work. Sometimes, you are too tired to even enjoy it. Not to mention, if you don’t particularly like your job, the stress can cause ripples that effect your interaction with your family. To me, living a happy life does not include putting my family second to a job. I want to live life WITH my family. I want to enjoy them.
Top 3 Benefits of Being Your Own Boss Plunder Jewelry

  • Financial Control. Having to budget is just a fact of life, but there is a freedom in being in control of how much you make. One of the determining factors for me when it came to Plunder Design was the fact that there was no pressure and no limitations on income potential. If I wanted to put in the effort to make enough to pay all my household expenses (and some) I could do that…on the other end, if I wanted to just earn some extra cash for shopping each week, I could do that too (without someone pestering me). The start up cost was low, and I literally got everything I needed to get started (including jewelry). I began just wanting to make some vacation money and after a while I retired my husband and bought a vacation home(we rent it out by the way…great vacay spot!). What can I say? I have an ambitious personality.

No matter what you choose to do, your income is under your control when you work for yourself.

Join Plunder And Be Your Own Boss
  • Loving what you do. How many people can say they love their job? Not many that I have met (except my Plunder ladies of course). When you are your own boss, you get to decide what you do. You can take a hobby and turn it into profit. Take a love of jewelry and turn it into a business. Let your passion become a profession. Whatever YOU want to do, you can use to create a “career”. Work isn’t work when you love what you do. This sets the foundation for a happy and healthy life!

So, I urge everyone…even if you think you can’t…give yourself some credit. You can achieve anything you set your mind to. Is it always easy? Nope…but it is always worth it!

Feel free to contact me if you want to find out more about my story or joining Plunder!

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