Selecting the Perfect Jewelry for your Wedding Dress

Engagement season is in full swing! New Year’s Eve and Valentine’s Day are two of the most popular times for proposals…and that means wedding shopping! Most brides-to-be are most excited about one thing…the dress! The dress is the centerpiece of the wedding day. If your entire wedding were a runway show, then the wedding dress would be the show stopper.

Wedding dress fashion has evolved. Traditionally, brides wore white…and that was your only option. Now, options have expanded! You have multiple color choices, but the 3 most common are white, ivory, or champagne. These colors compliment an array of other colors and can set the “feel” of your whole wedding…yes, the dress has that much power!

Complimenting your dress is a big deal too. The right jewelry can give your dress that extra style to confirm whatever “feel” you are looking to create. Bridal jewelry is a huge part of wedding day fashion, and if you need some inspiration for your big day, keep reading!

classic white plunder jewelry

White is the traditional wedding dress color. This color is great for classic style weddings, with bold color themes. If you plan on wearing white, try to stick to silver toned jewelry. Sparkle and shine are best friends with the color white. Shown here are some great options for white dress wearers.

The Jamie Necklace is a great choice for dresses with a plain bodice. The necklace hangs lower and can add some detail to an otherwise plain dress. This necklace also adds a touch of modern style.

The Denise Earrings are just simply beautiful. They put a great finish on any bridal updo, and peek through strands or curls if you leave your hair down.

The Kendall Earrings have a true “princess” feel. The tassel embellishment is trendy yet formal, and the size adds style without taking all the attention.

The Dorthea Earrings are a mix of classic meets modern. The oversized appearance puts the modern spin on the classiness of the pearl.

The bracelets shown, the Chalon Bracelet and the Kelby Lou Bracelet are full of glamorous sparkle. If you want a bolder look the Kelby Lou is the lady for you! If you want shine, but not on the grandest scale, then Chalon is the way to go.

The Brindy Necklace is great choice for a modern bride that wants to also keep some traditional touches.

ivory plunder jewelry

Ivory is close to white but has warm undertones. These warm undertones set the perfect pallet for pearls and gold! If you don’t like pearls then try different gold tone options, like the Italy Necklace. Cream colored flowers pair with the gold to create an elegant and sweet look, that would compliment any ivory wedding gown.

The Kennedy Necklace would be the perfect embellishment for dresses that have a top that is lacking that “wow” factor. This necklace pairs well with all types of other jewelry, including the earrings shown, leaving you endless options.

The Gentry Earrings are the definition of chic. The look perfect with any hair style.

The Dari Earrings are unique and eye-catching with dangling pearl droplets.

The Dora Earrings are absolutely stunning with champagne colored bead tassels that not only compliment ivory, but add a stylish variation of warmth.

If you want to add a bracelet that is super trendy but also fits in with a formal wedding, then you found it with the Torilyn Bracelet. Multilayer pearl layered look, dripping with sophistication and class.

champagne plunder jewelry

Oh Champagne…this is the least common shade as far as “normal” wedding dress colors go, but it is gaining in popularity. Champagne can have pink, blush, or beige undertones. It goes well with any contrasting color of the undertone. Many brides pick the pink or blush kissed champagne. Champagne offered MANY options as far as jewelry. Chocolate, Rose, Gold, and Multicolor tones all effortlessly mesh with champagne. My favorite look is pairing iridescent jewelry with champagne. Iridescent jewelry radiates multiple colors depending on lighting, and champagne dresses do the same. In sunlight your dress may look beige and in low light pink.

The iridescent jewelry shown feels like it was made for a champagne dress.

The Amity Necklace          The Flynn Bracelet        The Stacey Earrings

If you aren’t totally in love with iridescent gems, then consider a touch of peach. The Kelsie Earrings are perfect for the most formal wedding events and include just the right hint of peach.

The Alicia Necklace is gorgeous and has a coral cameo for a touch of vintage.

The Tessie Earrings fit seamlessly with a Gatsby themed wedding. They have a romantic style that brides crave.

The Perla Earrings are a great selection for brides who don’t want to amplify the undertones. The pearl and gold supply a beautiful touch, while allowing the dress to speak for itself.

Another factor to consider when purchasing your bridal jewelry is use. Do you want to purchase jewelry that you will likely ONLY wear for your wedding day, or do you want to buy pieces you can wear again?

All of the jewelry shown can be paired with everyday outfits. I think that weddings already stretch the budget, so if you can get jewelry that’s affordable and able to be used after the big day, then it is a win-win!

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