Reach Your Dreams in 2019

I am declaring 2019 the year of ACTION! What do I mean? I mean THIS is your year to make your dreams a reality. I am calling on all women to make this happen by empowering themselves and actively working on moving in one direction….FORWARD! Leave all the excuses in 2018 and dedicate yourself to your own success! Want to travel, start your own business, or be able to spend more time with family? Start now with these tips!

  1. If you don’t start, you won’t ever finish! There are many ways to start working towards a dream, but the first step is to clearly identify it. I highly recommend making a vision board and placing it somewhere you will see it each day. Most people make vision boards to express what they want out of life as a whole, but that concept can be easily applied to a dream. Your board should include images and words related to your goal, reminders of why it is important to you, and a few words of inspiration…for those drab Monday mornings you need a little extra motivation.
Me Time Plunder Rep
  • Pray AND Plan! Before I make a plan, I pray for guidance. Prayer is powerful, but it won’t go reach your dreams for you. It is up to YOU to take action in the direction you are being guided. Make a plan listing each step in detail (no matter how small) and add a target timeframe. Make it reasonable. If your dream is to lose weight, a time frame of 2 weeks to lose 50lbs will set you up for disappointment.  Your plan needs to be achievable. Let’s say you want to join Plunder, like I did (my story here), and do not have $99 for the starter pack. You could make a plan similar to this:
make a plunder plan each week
  • Celebrate along the way! Give yourself credit each step of the journey! Don’t reserve it for when you reach the goal. You should be proud that you are working towards it. Get the family involved in your celebrations. Have a mini party at home, a drink with friends, or a movie night with the kids. You deserve it, and it helps keep you motivated. Some dreams take longer than others, and it is so easy to get discouraged. Getting discouraged can lead to giving up.
  • Don’t Give Up! If you REALLY want something, you don’t give up on it. Things may get rough, you may not get as far as fast as you want, or maybe you are just tired…. KEEP GOING! Things that are worth it are hardly ever easy! One thing is certain…successful people don’t give up. They adjust, revise, revisit, and move forward.
  • Say goodbye to excuses! One of the things I hear most people say when I ask why they are not attempting to achieve their dreams is “I don’t have the money.”. While it is true that some dreams are more expensive than others, it does not mean they are unachievable. Money can be made anywhere at anytime with the right ambition. With time, that money can finance your dream. You can always find ways to make extra money outside of your income. Some include these:
find out how to make extra money with plunder

The next excuse I hear is “I don’t have time”. If you want something bad enough, then you MAKE time! Imagine if we added up all the time spent playing on our cellphones, watching tv, or laying around on a lazy weekend. Even if all that adds up to only an hour a day TOTAL…that’s 7 hours a week you could have spent making money. How long does it take to post something for sale online?

The truth is, time flies by so fast! One day you are 22 and the next 40.  A life talk with anyone over 75 will reveal that the biggest regrets are not things they did, but things they didn’t get to do. Missed opportunities, chances not taken, fear of risk, all the “what-ifs”.

We only get so many years to go after the gold. I urge you to decide to start now and keep going until you get there. We all deserve it. So, here’s to 2019 …the year of reaching your dreams!

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