My Top 10 Plunder Jewelry Picks for Summer!

Summertime is the time for fun and adventure. I don’t just mean those wonderful Summer vacays. I mean Summer is the perfect season to have some fun with your style. Venture beyond what you normally pop on and explore the plethora of fashion options out there.

I love when women take a chance and try something new, but it can be difficult to step outside of the box and “go public” with a brand new look. To ease the transition, I always recommend starting small. Jewelry is an awesome way to test drive a new style without fully committing. I have picked ten Plunder pieces that scream “SUMMER!!!!”. These pieces can get you in the mood to switch your style up a bit and set a fashion tone without taking over your entire outfit!

My first picks are blissfully Boho. Bohemian style is HUGE right now. The light, loose, and airy look is a great fit with the heat Summer serves up. These 3 Plunder jewelry pieces can be slipped on with any casual or classy outfit to give you just a taste of Boho.

plunder bracelets

Left to Right:

TheRaina Bracelet: Multi-colored beads & strands with magnetic closure. 8″ – 8.5″ with extender

TheJazlyn Bracelet: Multi-colored bead & rope strands with tassels & magnetic closure. 8″ – 8.25″ with extender

The Randee Set: Set of 4 – multi-colored beaded bracelets. 6.75″ elastic

Here are some other Plunder pieces with a Boho vibe.

Plunder necklaces and earrings

You can see all of these pieces and more by visiting my site!

My next picks will have you wandering to the wild side! Animal prints are so hot this Summer, I think EVERYONE should try to include them in their Summer wardrobe. These 3 Plunder pieces have that style that can bring out some animal in you (and your look).

Plunder jewelry

Left to Right:

The Bronson Bracelet: Leopard print accented with gold with magnetic closure. 7.5″ – 8″ with extender

TheCole Necklace: Red beaded chain with gold circles & leopard, turquoise & clear gem pendant. Pattern will vary. 32.5″ – 35″ adj

TheBrenton Earrings: Glossy blue & black snakeskin tear drops. 4″ drop.

Here are even more animal inspired pieces you can see on my site!

summer plunder jewelry

The next picks I call Bold and Beautiful, and this is a “must-try” for those women who prefer simple jewelry that doesn’t stand out at all. If you are used to wearing those little gold studs and a small pendant necklace, I am begging you to try going big!

Bold jewelry is often called statement jewelry, and for good reason. It either has bright color or size…or both. It catches attention and compliments. It doesn’t HAVE to be outrageously bold, if you aren’t comfortable being the object of attention then opt for a more subtle set, Like The Grove Set or The Magdalene Set below. These two are toned down but still add eye catching detail to your look. Bold and beautiful jewelry has a brave and empowered woman vibe that comes with it.

Plunder Jewelry Sets

Left to Right:

TheEllington Set: This set includes the Kris necklace 16.5” – 19.25” adj. & the Nonie earrings 3.25” drop

TheGrove Set: This set include our Juniper necklace 29”, the Esperanza earrings 3” drop, & the Lelani bracelet 7” elastic.

TheEvelina Set: This set includes our Olsen earrings 3” drop & our Josie Necklace 45” adj.

TheMagdalene Set: This set includes the Nevada bracelet 7.25” & the Louisa necklace 28.5” – 31” adj.

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You can see more by visiting my site!

Whatever style you show off this Summer, have fun with it! Afterall, Summer is about family, fun, and fashion!

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