Julie’s Jewelry Picks!!!

So, the Spring 2019 catalog is here, and it did not disappoint! The hype was right.

The new products are SO perfect. I cannot even find the words to describe the feeling I get when scrolling through the catalog.

The new arrivals define Spring style. There is something for everyone, to compliment every look, and to wear well beyond Springtime.

I have put together a list of my five faves…and it was so difficult to pick just five! These are my top picks for this Spring…so far ?

Julie’s Plunder Jewelry Picks Earrings

TheBrenton Earrings. These babies are snake skin print in a glossy finish. Absolutely beautiful and stylish.

Julie’s Plunder Jewelry Picks Necklace

TheEvelina Set. This set fits right in with the new “mixed pattern” style hitting the fashion world. It has bold color AND a touch of leopard print which is all the rage right now! The set includes the OlsenEarrings and JosieNecklace. You save $6 when you buy the set vs. the pieces individually.

Julie’s Plunder Jewelry Picks Earrings 1

TheMaureen Earrings. These Mint half circle dangles are HOT. Almost a 90’s style, but with a color made for 2019…and on. These earrings can compliment any face shape, outfit, or hairstyle.

Julie’s Plunder Jewelry Picks Shannon Necklace

TheShannon Necklace. This necklace is a mixture of bold and sweet. The larger size makes it a statement piece and the soft colors make it wearable for any occasion.

Julie’s Plunder Jewelry Picks Stacia Bracelet

The Stacia Bracelets. Oh, my my my…these beaded beauties are unbelievably fashionable. Blue and gold is a Springtime staple in fashion. This set has it all, and it is a must have.

What do you think?

Take a look at all the new arrivals in our Spring 2019 catalog and let me know what your faves are!

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