Jewelry Gifting Tips

With the Christmas holiday quickly approaching many are starting to turn their focus to shopping for Christmas gifts. Jewelry makes a great gift, but some people shy away from purchasing jewelry as a gift because they simply don’t want to buy something the gift receiver may not wear. Well, I have come up with a few jewelry gifting tips to help you pick the perfect jewelry for anyone on your list!

  1. The more the better: Fashion jewelry is not only wonderful because it usually follows the latest trends, it’s also great because it’s affordable. When gifting jewelry it is good to get more than one piece. This leaves the receiver options, but that is not the only benefit. Multiple pieces allow you the ability to make your gift stand out. You can make your gift a combo of different styles, or different fashions, and you can even mix it up. This makes your gift fun and memorable, while also ensuring the receiver gets something they will wear…and maybe even a little fashion gifting tips 1

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2.When in doubt go classic: Jewelry is universal, but some people have a set style and are not keen on straying. This can make it difficult to purchase jewelry. In this type of gifting dilemma, go classic! There are styles that just fit any look. These pieces are versatile and attractive paired with any outfit. Pearls, simple dangle earrings, and layered necklaces are some classic fashions that are multifunctional when it comes to fashion.

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3.Ask for help: Jewelry stylists are here to help you! If you are just lost and have no idea what to buy, I can get you on track! I stay up to date on the latest trends in fashion and can recommend the perfect jewelry gift for anyone on your list.

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Jewelry is a universal gift and shouldn’t be excluded because of not knowing what to buy. Fashion is always in style, and young or old, jewelry is a personal and thoughtful gift. If you need more tips, or help picking out the perfect pieces, feel free to contact me!

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