Go After Your Dreams

When I started my little jewelry business at 32 years old, I went ALL IN like Julia LaForte Plunderthe uncontrollable roadrunner that I used to watch as a kid haha


So bold and audacious in my dreams and action plan. I was willing to do whatever it took to make it work. I made a commitment to myself and knew that I wanted more for me and my family!

I thought about how wildly successful others in this industry were and I knew I could do it if I applied myself.

It wasn’t until I RELEASED the expectations that I put on myself, (being liked by everyone, not making big waves – all so I didn’t offend other people, etc) that I actually became more FREE and began to find HAPPINESS!!!

So friend, here is your reminder to shoot for the stars today…..

To go after your dreams.

To not be afraid of failing.

…. Rather, be afraid of never achieving anything at all because you were too afraid of what others might think of you for trying.

Let go of the idea that every person is going to see your vision or RUN towards your vision because after all… God revealed it to YOU to receive and achieve!


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Julie LaForte

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